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Tricia Hodges
You ARE An Artist! Author of Art Lessons for All Ages | Home Educator
You ARE An Artist! Author of Art Lessons for All Ages | Home Educator

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In honor of Pi Day - a fudge pie art tutorial and recipe! This one is from our very early days of sharing chalk pastels and can be found at The End in Mind. Thanks +Lori Lane!

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Today starts our St. Patrick's Day Co-Op with Unit Studies by +Amanda Bennett and our sister site,! You don't want to miss a thing - so be sure to join the event and follow along on Facebook. So many fun learning events planned! Nana and I will share a FB live art tutorial on Wednesday, there is another live art event happening today at 1 pm we will participate in - plus giveaways, sales and more. It's a fun week ahead - you ARE invited and you ARE an artist!
FB Live:
Giveaway! (5 sets of chalk pastels!) Amanda's giveaway + many more details:
Spring Sale!

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A Recipe for Lasagna Learning: In this series, I’ll be sharing the list of ingredients, the instructions for teaching multiple ages. It’s a simple recipe, really, going something like this: Place a layer of learning in the pot (like my favorite slow cooker), add another layer, season with sauce, add another layer. Keep alternating layers until it is appetizing. Cook well, seasoned with spices. It’s irresistible! Fill your plate of learning high! Little ones learning from older ones. Middle ones keeping things lively, always asking questions.
The first in a 10 day series at Hodgepodge!

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Afternoon Quiet Time for All Ages
Sharing the learning layers of our homeschool day. First, we place a generous helping of prayer, next we layer all those helpful homeschool habits, we stir around the 3 Rs on different grade levels. After lunch we sprinkle the wonderful spices of enrichment, showing how we fit in all the extra hodgepodge of learning. So now…

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5 Reasons to Have Reading Week!
Indulge! Enjoy! and start the habit that +Annie Kate Aarnoutse shared a few years ago. You will be SO glad you did!

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The Swiss Family Robinson
Not only is this a splendid read aloud for all ages, but parents who love to set up a unit study could easily make this a year-long project just by looking up the animals, plants, invention, and land forms discussed.
Review by +Annie Kate Aarnoutse #homeschool

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Surviving Life with Boys: Managing the Dirt
"boy, n. a noise with dirt on it
Any of these things could be just as useful in a house full of girls. Several children = chaos, no matter what the gender ratio. I just think that with boys, the chaos is magnified a bit."
This wonderful series by Kendra is not only one we can relate to but a practical one. Helping those boys build habits managing toys, laundry and the bathroom.

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Homeschooling High School Learning Styles
My two eldest children are different - especially in their learning styles (well, all my children are - we are a Hodgepodge like that). So my son has had a much different sort of senior year than my daughter did last year. And we've had a much different approach as we reach graduation. How thankful I am for homeschooling and how we can tailor curriculum, plans and our days to learning styles that best serve each child!

And a January update!
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All Things SPRING! Introducing Spring Chalk Pastels Video Art Course! And it's on sale -- $10 off for two days only! Because you ARE an Artist
"What a difference art can make in a homeschool and this art teacher is right there when needed - no housecleaning required! :)" - Amanda Bennett
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