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Jenn Bailey
Children's Book Writer, Social Media consultant, Speaker, Mom, Wife, Pie Baker
Children's Book Writer, Social Media consultant, Speaker, Mom, Wife, Pie Baker

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Thanks for the invitation! I write PB and MG and am represented by Bookstop Literary. Looking forward to playing in your sandbox. You can find me in all the other usual places but I'm mostly here or on Twitter @jennbailey

Plotting and planning the Maine getaway. It was so far away and now too close!

Thanks, Anne. Looks like an interesting group.

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Heading out to this today! SQUEEE!!!!

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The winner of the Lego Master Builder Competition was Jeremiah Boehr. He was so creative. And FAST! The final build needed to represent YOU. Jeremiah put together a collage that I find fascinating. That all of his pieces spring from a BOOK is Awesome!
(picture from Lorraine Arbuckle)

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I made it to the Top 40!!
Had a gaggle of Girls in front of me sooooo excited to see a girl in the competition. They convinced me we needed a hat on the "disco dancing, Ricco, Madagascar Penguin." They were my inspiration. Then I got interviewed. This was my BEST job interview EVER!!
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Tomorrow is the Big Day! I will compete with 180 others to be considered Kansas City's Master Lego Builder. Was interviewed today by KCTV 5 about the competition. It will air Sunday at 11:30 on KSMO for "Your Kansas City" (channel 10 on cable). I don't know if I'm "the girl" in this competition or not, and since I've always relished the underdog, I wouldn't bet against me ;-)

Just got some Awesome news. I'm to be one of the competitors for the Master Lego Builder position here in Kansas City. This is just DELIGHTFUL! Now, to study!

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Thank you! Will be trying it.
iPad and Android tablet owners who are also writers or publishing professionals:

I just found an app that allows you to edit Microsoft Word documents on your tablet. I have not tried it yet, but it's safe to say I will be purchasing soon (link is for iPad, but there is an Android version).

+Nathan Bransford has CNET heard of this app?
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