Figured you guys would like to see this too.
Well I have seen a lot of people talking about the possibility of Google bringing #skymap  to Glass.  Well just for kicks I installed the apk and launched it with positive results.  The sensors are so amazingly accurate.  I took it outside and looked at the moon, almost instantly I saw the moon positioned perfectly with the glass.  Here is a screencast.  The screen lag is from the screencast, not the app itself.  The app runs as smooth as butter:

Google Sky Map Running on Glass (MyGlass Screencast)

Please note that there is a lot that you cannot do with it.
1.) There is no way to accept the terms so you have to swipe down to escape them every time you launch the app.
2.) You can get to the search by swiping forward, however there is no way to actually enter the query.
3.) There is no way to adjust any of the layers or options either.

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