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A little bit about Rezku
A little bit about Rezku


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Not all businesses stay the same size, don't get stuck with software that doesn't change with you!,,, #Reservations #FOH #POS #waitlist

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The Rezku Difference

Rezku POS is different than other point of sale solution on the market. Rezku POS was born from the mind of a restaurateur that felt restaurant technology should be affordable, reliable and service driven.

Our point of sale system is built using the latest cloud technology. Design and function of our POS was conceived with the mindset of simplicity and ease of use. Most iPad POS systems on the market are cluttered with pop up screens that make it difficult to navigate and require users to push too many buttons to perform a simple function. Our user screens automatically change based on the type of restaurant you have and what you are doing on the POS.

The Rezku Restaurant Point of Sale Solution is iOS 10 compatible and is natively written to work on almost any iPad or iPad mini. So if you have an old iPad chances are Rezku POS will work on that device.

The Rezku team is passionate about helping restaurants. From our low pricing to our industry leading support; we always have serving YOU as our main focus. The entire Rezku team works out of the same offices. That seems like a small thing but when it comes to service it is very important. Our tech support staff are not third party employees working out of a different state or country. That means that our tech support staff can go directly to a programmer, the development staff, or the president of Rezku to get an issue resolved.

We think doing business with us will be a uniquely enjoyable experience. We know that if you are successful then we are successful.


The Entire Rezku Team
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