The initial experience of coding with Windows 8 was interesting, but most interesting were the comments.

My favorite exchange:

"Stop the whining and get started developing for Windows 8 or you'll get left behind...This is for devs to start building the apps that will be there in the store from day 1, on the #1 spot and stay there...Anyway, I've spent enough time just replying here. Now back to developing some amazing apps on the OS of the future!"

And the response (which I think is pretty accurate):

LOL at the idea that by being a Microsoft shill and crying "stop whinging" you won't get "left behind". Microsoft got "left behind" years ago when they didn't deliver on their "Silverlight phone" promise (demonstrated how many years ago??!!) and have spent all their time since with one lame tactical rushed job knee-jerk solution after another...If you like living in a world of pain then by all means "get started developing for Windows 8".
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