This may or may not be a great book, but I love the title. More importantly, the premise is something we should consider for both our kids and ourselves as we move into the upcoming Singularity...or whatever.

"An old school child will answer questions on a test because they are told they have to. A curious child will test themselves and their environment long before a teacher ever hands out an exam. Singularity Hub spoke with Mugan about The Curiosity Cycle and the science behind it. As machines take on bigger roles in society and the economy, humans will need to embrace the advantages of their humanity even as they take their rightful place at the top of the digital world."

"The last third of The Curiosity Cycle is where Mugan really distinguishes himself, however. He explains the subtleties of how computers “think” and the advantages children still have over machines that can perform millions of computations a second, but have difficulty in making useful assumptions."
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