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Does anyone know if a client can install the project monitor center so they can view tasks and add issues via that app?

I'm having problems accessing the selected item of a COMBO in a popup. Anyone else had issues with this?

In my AJAX server button event on the POPUP I use any of the following to get the selected value but nothing returns:


Just to note I populate the COMBO with ListAdd.

Hi! I've created a page in WebDev 23 and a POPUP. On the page I have a buttom with some server side code (AJAX enabled) to open the popup. I also set a global gxEditID so that in the popup save button I know I am updating a specific record.

The save button on the popup is also AJAX enabled.

My issue is that when the Popup is opened the gxEditID is set to the correct value but on the save button gxEditID = 0.

Any ideas why?



Hi folks... I have a WebDev search page with an edit box and a looper. The looper initially shows all records and is populated from an array.

What I would like to do is filter that array as the user is typing un the search edit box. Do you think this is possible in WebDev and if so some tips on how to do it would be much appreciated.

Hello you lovely developers:)

Can someone tell me the best way to change the default font for my site to Roboto from its theme based font in WebDev 23?

I'm hoping I don't need to go through all the styles and duplicate them to do this.

Does anyone know if it is possible to password protect and existing PDF in WinDev 23?

I'm trying to add a unicode string to an edit control in RTF mode. I've ticked the Unicode box but when I do an RTFAdd its does not show as unicode, there are just ??? where the Chinese characters should be.

I've debuged the codee and can see the Chinese characters being passsed, but they just will not display.

Help!!!! :)

I'm dtrying to find WDDIXIO to do some translation in my WebDev app but I just can't find it.

Any ideas?

Hi folks.

We see all these great example apps on the PC Soft videos but I was wondering if anyone knew how we get hold of the code so that I can see how it was built and get some ideas.

Hi... I've got a dynamic web page (not awp) showing some data and I have developed my own user login page and table.

When the user click logout it clears their credentials and takes them to the login page. But clicking the browser back button you can still go to the original page.

I've tried the prevent back button option but it doesn't look great as you see the page with the data for a second before it goes back to the login page.

Any suggestions how I handle the back button so it jumps back to the login page or even just shows an error?

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