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Would like to fill you in about the revolutionary bike lights I've designed and just introduced, using Kickstarter.
This should fit right in with the products and gear most of you like to check out for your riding after dark.
The RAAM solo finisher who used these declared them, "The future of Bicycle Lighting".  They and four other racers are on these at this year's Furnace Creek.  At last year's I had the fastest night descender on these on Townes Pass.
     Everything is state of the art and leading edge, while priced better than any middle market light available.
Pls get in touch for any info and I'll get right back to you.  Helmet side up, Barry

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Hi all,  Somewhere along the way we've met on a bicycle, and I hope you are as excited about the result of the years of my time and resources that I've invested as I am.

Would you drive your car with just a flashlight?
Would you love a car headlight's beam on your handlebars?

Many of you have followed my impassioned dreamchase to change the future of bicycle lighting.  The future is now arriving.

Eight years since sorting out a fascinating optical concept, two years since founding Barry Beams and devoting myself to giving bicyclist's the same usable visibility as other vehicles do on the road when the sun isn't shining, my lights are ready to go.  At this stage of any startup's development, its time for the first product announcement.
So hey everybody,

Come and get your Barry Beams!!
Kickstarter is approved and open for payments.
Starting at only $95. for the first 54 supporters.
1000 backers in 32 days and Barry Beams becomes real.
Let's get this to go viral, and spread the future of bike lighting throughout the entire known universe.
Please tell all your riding buddies, post across every bike related email list and forum you are subscribed to, nationwide exposure would be awesome.
Wow, does it feel awesome to be able to post this.

Thank you all so very much for your support.
Helmet Side Up,
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