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Christine Fernandez
Asian. MAC NC20. Warm Undertone. Normal to dry skin.
Asian. MAC NC20. Warm Undertone. Normal to dry skin.

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Titus Pens: National Doodling Day + Colored Pencils and Crayons Grand Launch
TITUS PENS CELEBRATES NATIONAL DOODLING DAY + GRAND LAUNCH OF COLORED PENCILS AND CRAYONS I am a nurse and pens are my life. I consume at least 3 black pens per week because of all the paper works that needs to be filled day by day. Since then, I make sure ...

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Hey Sugar Waxing Salon National Hair Free Day
HEY SUGAR WAXING SALON NATIONAL HAIR FREE DAY To women, waxing must already be familiar. For me, every time that I hear it, the first thing that comes into my mind is the uncomfortable feel of hair removal. Still, to most women, they use waxing as a standar...

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Hey Sugar Waxing Salon: Opens In SM Calamba
HEY SUGAR WAXING SALON OPENS AT SM CALAMBA I can still remember the time when I used to live in Laguna and the only mall that I can go to that is near in Calamba is Waltermart but now SM made its way to Calamba, Laguna. Living in the tropics can have its up...

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Your Ultimate Summer Pampering Destination Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa
YOUR ULTIMATE SUMMER PAMPERING DESTINATION: NAILAHOLICS NAIL SALON AND SPA Summer is near and I can already feel it coming. That means hot weather, beach time, wearing shorts, thin fabrics, sundresses, sunglasses and wearing a sandals! The big question thou...

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Maybelline: Powder Matte Lipstick In Touch Of Nude
PRODUCT REVIEW: MAYBELLINE'S POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK IN TOUCH OF NUDE Its Valentine's Day! Love is all around wherever you look. I am sure girls prepared for this day more than the usual. For the makeup of this special day, what lipstick did you choose for yo...

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Celeteque DermoCosmetics: Nude Matte Lipstick
PRODUCT REVIEW: CELETEQUE'S NUDE MATTE LIPSTICK For me, nude lipstick is a shade that not everyone can rock because sometimes it looks too pale for a person. Plus, wearing nude lipsticks usually requires heavy makeup to make it look more beautiful. Its a go...

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Maybelline: Powder Matte Lipstick In Plum Perfection
PRODUCT REVIEW: MAYBELLINE'S POWDER MATTE LIPSTICK IN PLUM PERFECTION Today, I will be sharing with you my first pick from the 15 new shades of Maybelline Powder Matte Collection . Last February 8, I attended the launch and posted an article about the new P...

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New Celeteque DermoCosmetics Products That Will Make You Swoon
NEW CELETEQUE DERMOCOSMETICS PRODUCTS THAT WILL MAKE YOU SWOON Love the Celeteque Skin Care line? How about trying out their cosmetics? Their makeup line also has ingredients that is good for the skin. Celeteque DermoCosmetics started from something small. ...

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7 Steps On How To Spot A Fake Jo Malone Cologne (100ml Bottle)
7 STEPS ON HOW TO SPOT A FAKE JO MALONE COLOGNE IN A 100ML BOTTLE I have nothing against people wanting to use fake items as long as they are aware of the risks or even to those few who sell fake products. Don't get me wrong, I honestly do use fake perfumes...

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Jo Malone: Wild Bluebell Cologne
PRODUCT REVIEW: JO MALONE'S WILD BLUEBELL COLOGNE They say a girl deserves everything at best but when that best is something luxurious, I cannot outright buy one. Jo Malone perfume is something that I always wished to have but never bought. Main reason is ...
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