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How to Sew a Baseball Onesie with Letter
I have moved to my very own website at . You can also find this tutorial there :) I made an embroidered baseball pillow for a mommy-to-be and had some leftover baseball fabric and I just knew I had to make something with it. ...

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Reversible Table Runner
I love love LOVE decorating for the seasons/holidays. However, I dislike all the storage space it takes up so I thoroughly enjoy when I can get 2 decor uses out of 1 item. Which lead me to the idea of this Spring/Easter table runner... This is my first time...

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Baby Foam Blocks with Pictures Tutorial
 Step 1: Gather materials needed (see below) - 4x4 inch pictures (up to 6) - Cut out (6) 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch squares of fabric - (1) 6 inch foam block - Vinyl material to cover pictures and cut it slightly bigger than pictures (I bought 18 inches and had pl...

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Sew Your Little Girl a Princess Dress
Step 1: Measure your daughter's chest Step 2: Go to fabric store and buy Shirred Fabric. Evelyn measured 22 inches and I bought 20 inches at the store. Do not forget to wash and dry your fabric before starting your project because it WILL shrink. It shrunk ...

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Dear Future Baby...
So many of my friends and family have new babies or are currently pregnant and it is so exciting to see them enter the world of mommyhood! I am so fortunate to have two beautiful girls I get to love. It is a dream of mine to add in that special little baby ...

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About Me
I'm Ashlynn! Growing up, my grandmother lived with us for a few months and she always embroidered while watching Wheel of Fortune. One day I sat down beside her and asked to join. I was hooked after completing my very own masterpiece. Just before she passed...
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