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Dest Somethingoranother
Utterly oblivious.
Utterly oblivious.


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In which I contemplate the severity of living and dying for someone you love.

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As they say, once you go nechcrophiliak, you never go back....right?

That awkward moment when you accidentally tell your entire life's story to someone you've never actually spoken to, but go to school with...

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A picture my friend Michael drew of me. <3

They say "It's darkest before the dawn,"
yet darkness is the straw I've drawn.
And I long to see the radiant light,
rescue me from this awful plight.

I question all things that seem wrong,
like why does the night last so long?
And why do we hurt the ones we love,
letting anger turn from push to shove?

Why do we have all these beasts inside,
fear, selfishness, gluttony and pride?
To lustful sins we quickly succumb,
though their bitter taste leaves us numb.

We look to the past with some regret,
though we're stuck in the same mind set.
Ever changing and yet we stay the same,
and throughout the years we are to blame.

The same old pattern day after day,
never allowing your routine to stray.
The world's screaming yet it can’t be heard,
for we listen but never hear a word.

The darkness is not just in the sky,
It's part of us, I shudder.. and cry.
And I sit waiting for the light to be shone,
sitting and waiting alone.. Alone.

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