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Woah. I've never seen so much bullshit in one video..
First, Iran does not hate us for our freedom. They hate us because we funded a cue that forced Iran to bear with a horrible dictator who killed many of his own people. Likewise, Nazi Germany did not hate us for our freedom, they hated us because of the treaty of Varesielle which destroyed their country economically and allowed for radicalism to take over.

Next, Iran is not some evil Christian hating country that wants to take over the middle east.. They love peaceful Christian countries like Armenia and are actively fighting Isis to ensure peace in the region. Iran has invaded no countries since the 18th century, America on the other hand, has invaded 70 countries (most were smaller islands and South American countries invaded for our own economic interests). So Iran has a right to feel threatened, especially since their country is surrounded by dozens of American military bases

Invading Iraq was a disgrace to America and the world hates us for it, we conquered a peaceful nation on the other side of the earth and so we've lost any moral high ground we would have had with negotiating with Russia on invading Crimea or China for invading the Pacific. A war with Iran would be far worse and lead to a tremendous amount of debt and lives lost. But this deal that has already been unanimously ratified by the UN is exactly what we need, it'll ensure that Iran never gets a bomb while also bringing about peace. Because of this deal, Iran a country that would develop a bomb in 3 months, will lose all access to uranium, plutonium, and fissile material making a bomb impossible to build. We'll also be tracking all of their mines, conversion facilities, enrichment facilities, fuel manufacturing facilities, and their nuclear reactors with full transparency. And what do we lose? Nothing. All you'll notice is that your gas will be slightly cheaper.  Source: You used the Munich agreement in Germany to debunk this one, well they aren't even remotely similar in terms of transparency and the actual terms, a much more similar deal was the one we had with the Soviets, they destroyed their weapons, and diplomacy stopped what would have been the worst war of the century.

I'll admit that Iran and many other countries hate Israel and that's a problem..but Israel has hundreds of nukes and they aren't exactly peaceful. They are bombing innocent civilians in Palestine and their neighboring countries killing many more people than Iran has. But now, Iran has no chance of gaining a nuclear weapon. But Iran does not hate Jews and want to annihilate Jews like you said. Iran has one of the highest Jewish populations in the middle east..if they wanted to kill all the Jews, wouldn't they start in their own country??
You also stated all the horrible things Iran does to its people (these are actually much less horrible than what the Shaw did, but we supported him), these are bad, but many countries around the world do worse. It's a tragedy but it's not our governments job to sort out these world conflicts, especially when we are almost 20 trillion dollars in debt (higher than our GDP) The main purpose of our military should be to defend our own country, not occupy 150 out of 196 other countries and interfere in everything they do.