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I need to start getting into Google+ more, this interface is beautiful and sleek.

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School those out an hour later!

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Can't wait until 3-D Printing
A new video showcasing the future of weapons was released on YouTube today: a 24-year-old gun enthusiast manufactured his own high-capacity 30-round gun magazine using a 3D printer. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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Go Celtics!
Last night Kevin Garnett became the 1st player in NBA history to record 25k points, 10k rebounds, 5k assists, 1,500 blocks and1,500 steals for a career. 

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Coolest invention evet
If Aperture Laboratories really existed, this is exactly the kind of thing they'd make… which is to say you probably don't want to eat this hydro- and oleophobic nano polymer.

Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter blocked at my school. Looks like its time to get acquainted Google+
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