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"We're just getting started..."

Everything starts with analysis by listening to the customers.

Congratulations to our President/Chief Marketing Strategist +Kevin Alvarez for successfully meeting the +Google Partners  #5pecialistChallenge  He passed all 5 Advanced exams as well as the Analytics and Google Tag Manager certifications.

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It's about time there is a real effort put forth into getting rid of these spammers.  Please take the few moments needed to report the robocall spammers with the form Google has created.

"Listen to the feedback your customers provide — doubly so if it comes from data! Observing the way a client uses your product can tell you a lot about their expectations and use cases in ways that simply asking them cannot."

Love this quote from @Affinioinc CTO Stephen Hankinson

We are not using this platform yet but are very intrigued.

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We've been saying it for years and will continue saying it.  You can't SEO bad/shallow content. SEO starts with actually having quality products and services defined by a strong value proposition.  Your can then create content that expounds these values. Copycatting your way to the top of search results doesn't work long term...and it shouldn't.  

Be original. Be authentic. Be exceptional.

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In our @smallbusinesssymposium presentation this weekend, we'll be stressing the importance of discovering your brand values and how to articulate them through integrated marketing campaigns. As an example, we'll reference Chipotle's brilliant job of sharing their "cultivate a better world" mission/brand value through some amazing examples of content marketing.

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The Scarecrow

As you watch the video, count how many times you hear the name Chipotle or see their logo. Good branding has less to do with visual identity than most people realize. Only when you center your marketing around core values and unique value propositions will you be able to attract the type of loyal customer base most businesses dream of.

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To any client who has ever said "Hey, I heard that if we do [insert SEO trick here], our rankings will improve." needs to read this article. There might be some shortcuts or tricks, but I like to focus on the foundation and fundamentals.

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I posted this on my personal Google+ page and hope to expand on some of these 10 Signs through the Blue Lynx Marketing page. I think once the site is re-designed, this may be a nice 10 part blog series.
This was posted on HubSpot today and I wanted to share it with you. I will admit that I have been guilty of #6 for a site or two. I like to think that I don't violate #8 but sometimes the content I get from clients is rather crappy. One of my goals for 2012 is for Blue Lynx Marketing to start offering content development to go along with our Content Strategy. We have some solid plans to fill this obvious need. Without further ado....

10 signs that your SEO firm isn’t worth the money

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing tactics for generating leads and sales from your website. SEO can be complicated at time, and that’s why companies often outsource their SEO to trained professionals. With thousands of SEO firms, how can you tell the good from the bad?

Sign #1. Making Promises that are Too Good to be True

Sign #2. Using “Black Hat” SEO Techniques

Sign #3. Targeting the Wrong Keywords

Sign #4. Employing Shoddy Linking Schemes

Sign #5. Promising to List Your Site in Hundreds of Online Directories

Sign #6. Redesigning Your Site or Creating New Pages Without 301 Redirects

Sign #7. Focusing on Metadata Instead of On-Page SEO

Sign #8. Creating Bad Content

Sign #9. Driving Irrelevant Traffic

Sign #10. Offering a One-Time Fixes with No Ongoing Maintenance

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