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Exactly what i face

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Death and grief while pagan
It seems almost appropriate. Tonight is Walpurgisnacht, the last night when witches get up to mischief before spring puts an end to the revels. A night when the world walls are thin. And last night, a fine witch crossed into the Summerlands. Kali had fought...

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As I currently understand it: sex, gender, performance
Earlier today, I made the distinction that while I consider transwomen to be women, I don't think of them as female. Just as I kind of flinch when I hear the term "transmale." This is based on my, probably dated, understanding of things. Sex. Loosely define...

I have a whole bunch of books, some reprints, some not. I need publishers.

Who would I contact about the following:
Steampunk romance (straightish with lesbianism on the side)
Urban fantasy, 2 books, 2 shorts, no sex in shorts or 1 book.
Dark future series, three books written, books 4&5 half done. Gay, lots of gay with the occasional straight bit
Gay disabled pagan inspirational romance
Space bounty hunters, 1 novel, 2 shorts. Gay/bi.
Post Apocalypse gay bikers
Vampire Apocalypse in Memphis (gay, straight and Lesbian implications, one sex scene)
BDSM cyberpunk (straight with gay characters) 1 novel, 3 shorts

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Where I've been
Here it is April and I haven't made a post this year, My new job keeps me away from the keyboard for up to 13 hours a day. By the time I get home and eat, it's bed time. And there has been much thinking with little conclusiveness There are posts I need to m...

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