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Judeo-Christian family man; Librarian and Information Scientist. Currently with dual identity as Ph. D candidate and lecturer.
Judeo-Christian family man; Librarian and Information Scientist. Currently with dual identity as Ph. D candidate and lecturer.

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Decline in democratic ideals? My thoughts on the world today
So 2017 has started and I am increasingly concerned about the global milieu in which the world seem less into the fundamental democratic values that I hold dear: which is the freedom of information and expression. It seems to me an era where democracies are...

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The dark back story of the Christmas nativity scene
The birth of Jesus, often celebrated by many Protestants and
Christians in the West and the East, is usually regarding as a festival of joy.
However, beyond the joy and fanfare of this event, is a hidden and dark back
story, which I will reflect on in this ...

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9 things I hate about the 2016 US election
Trust me when I say that I take no pleasure in blogging about this 2016 US election. If there was ever a more depressing state of election and campaign affairs, I can't recall. This fall season's election appears to me to be one in which the top candidates ...

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Does the New Testament do away with distinctions between clean and unclean meat?
If there is one thing that I dislike, it is the dishonest handling of the Scriptures. This is usually done when persons have a belief that they want to justify and employ finding a text in the Scriptures to support or justify their opinion with total disreg...

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The great commission for education
Sabbath, May 14, 2016 - Andrews Memorial SDA - Morning service I had the blessing of hearing one of my favourite Jamaican pastors, Pastor Lorenzo King, speak in a sermon entitled "Commission to reach: Commission to teach". One of the reasons why I like this...

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My somewhat Marxist Critique of the Jamaican National Family Planning Board
After going to university in my undergraduate years to find that my political science professors and lecturers were retreating from Marxist political thought, I never imagined that I would be returning to that critical orientation towards the Jamaican neoli...

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Trump 2016
This week, I dreamt that Donald Trump, one of the Republican candidate for the 2016 US elections was assassinated. In the dream, I saw him fall to the ground as bullet pierced his forehead while he was on a platform in a stadium. The scene disturbed me. And...

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Is the Jamaican Church ready for the Millennial generation?
Greetings to my readers and brethrens and sistrens, The following post uses a new media that I am experimenting with in conveying a message that I have been deeply thinking about for the past couple weeks since the Jamaican election. Infographic on Jamaican...

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My 5 suggestions for improving the Jamaican Political Process
Traditionally, as a Christian believer, I have been ambivalent about the role that I should play in the political and electoral process of a country. My positions on the matter have fluctuated from non-participation to participating as a worker. In addition...
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