Jean-Louis Gassée, among others, commenting about Apple's developer release of OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" last week.

First off, I hope the codename is a nod to Snow Leopard, in that much as the Leopard release introduced a host of new concepts that later got refined in Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion will see lots of optimization of the initial iOS-izing of OS X introduced in Lion. (I think Gassée's list of complaints is par for the course for may of us Mac users)

Second, I hope Apple plays it smart and realizes that unification can only go so far. A UI designed for a hand-held mobile device has certain limitations at the desktop level and vice versa. The old Windows Mobile Phone UI was a mess, in part, because, for the sake of familiarity (and marketing) Microsoft made the Mobile Phone UI look exactly like Windows UI on the desktop. But the UI of a mouse and keyboard drivin interface on a 15 to 20+ inch monitor was simply stupefying on a 3 to 5 inch screen with a stylus.

This of course it not to say that OS X should remand just as it is, only to stagnate over time. Just a hope that Apple uses some smarts when translating concepts from one computing environment to the other.
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