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Benjamin Dewey
I draw, I shred and I love.
I draw, I shred and I love.

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Paul Gilbert - Space Ship Live (FULL 75min set!!)

P to the G rocking it like a hurricane.

I love Sherlock Holmes. I am a Jeremy Brett man if pressed; that said, I thoroughly enjoy all the other incarnations for their own qualities.

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I had a good time answering these questions. Since doing the interview I've come up with some fresh ideas and feel a renewed sense of enjoyment in my process!
If you're not familiar with the tumblr Things Could Be Worse, you are missing out on some gorgeous art used to humorous effect.

I got the real dirt on the series from creator (and Periscope Studio member) +Benjamin Dewey. How do the tragedies come about? Where do they go? And what's that maple I smell?

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This is another treasure from the 1970's catalog of rad science programs.

You go, Jacob Bronowski:

03 OF 13 - The Ascent of Man: The Grain in the Stone (ENTIRE SHOW) - Jacob Bronowski BBC TV 1973

I like Aquaman and, when I've caught up on my official work, I'm going to draw my version of him and explain how he be cool.

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I love this guy. There is a little two second intro but after that comes a great instrumental filled with shred-tacular awesomeness

Mattias Eklundh - Disco Diabolique

It would be really fun to play like this.

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My lovely Lindsey pointed me towards this interview and I really enjoyed it.

A nice little science break in a rather productive day!

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Pick it up for the price of a meal out with friends and display it in your home as a victory for ladies against the forces of evil!

It is being shown upside-down in this auction but the cool thing is that no-matter which way you hang it you sill get a 'S' for 'spider girl' and 'superstar!'
This painted Spider-Woman by the Tragedy Series' +Benjamin Dewey is a STEAL, and it's a benefit for Women of Wonder Day, too!

Going down to Salem today. Lindsey and I are giving out gifts and that is always fun!
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