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The Cooperative Congressional Election Study held its 2015 conference in June. Presenters from many institutions came together to share the results of their teams' participation in a large-scale, collaborative survey (which included over 50 institutions in 2014!)
In June 2015, IQSS affiliate Stephen Ansolabehere, in collaboration with the BYU Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy (CSED) and with support from IQSS, held the 2015 CCES Conference in Sundance, Utah.
Undergrads: Prof. Nancy Hill is looking for research assistance in her project on academic achievement among secondary students. Follow the link for details and application info!
The project is based in a partnership between our research team at Harvard Graduate School of Education & Boston College and a local school district.  We are focused on understanding how to improve academic achievement and close demographic gaps in achievement by identifying ways to increase students’ connections to school, engagement in school, and help youth understand how school and education will assist them in pursuing their goals.
Are you around campus this summer? There are undergrad research oppotunities through the URS program, including the China Biographical Database project.
The China Biographical Database project is seeking part-time undergraduate helpers during the period 2015-5-18 to 2015-9-1 to work on data extraction from Chinese texts. Read more about China Biographical Database Project ...
Only days away now: The first ever Dataverse Community Meeting. There's still time to register for Wednesday and Thursday!
Just because summer is here doesn't mean you can't learn something new. Sign up for next week's OpenScholar workshop and learn how to build a personal scholar site!
Congratulations from IQSS to this year's Harvard University graduates!
There's one more OpenScholar site-building workshop this month, and it's Wednesday morning! See the calendar for details and registration info.
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Use this summer to brush up on OpenScholar. The next personal site building workshop is on July 7! Follow the link for sign-up details.
How can cognitive dissonance influence voters? The Harvard Gazette looks at the work of IQSS affiliates Matt Blackwell and Maya Sen, and their paper co-authored with Avidit Acharya (Stanford) on political persuasion.
New political science research says that, contrary to conventional wisdom, political attitudes are a consequence of political actions, rather than their cause.
Day 1 of the first Annual Dataverse Community Meeting included presentations from IQSS director Gary King, director of data science Mercè Crosas, and usability specialist Elizabeth Quigley. You can see the meeting agenda online for details:
African-American children do not do as well as their white counterparts in school--but why? IQSS affiliate and recent Clark Medal recipient Roland Fryer's research looked at the social connections--and consequences--of academic achievement.
Just published: A paper co-authored by IQSS researchers Eleni Castro and Mercè Crosas on accessibility of cited data!
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Harvard's home for social science research.
IQSS is a University-wide institute located physically and administratively within the FAS. We facilitate the creation, dissemination, and preservation of scientific knowledge about human society, its problems, and their solutions.  We support these aims through our highly collaborative environment and the scalable infrastructure we are continually building.  IQSS also offers many related services to support faculty, students, staff, and programs across a wide variety of disciplines in all of Harvard's schools.