After the heartbreak of this season it was time for a repost:

The Liverpool Fan
If I were a Liverpool fan
I would rise early on match days
to catch the train and leave you
on your pillow

Your ears would ring with the Kop songs
we could never go to the supermarket
Without my incessant humming
Floating round us. The blind would
Stumble certain of who they approached
Though you might hide
by the vegetables. Lettuce

Scouser Tommy
The Streets of Anfield Road
You'll Never
Walk Alone
You will be known among strangers
As the Liverpool Fan's wife

I could hardly glance at you
before marriage
never touch you -
Your Toffee dad and rough brothers
I hid my shirt in the street
Zipping up my jacket
Walked among the Super Whites

Once when I could not go to Istanbul
You cooked Chinese and
And we scored three
Goals in ten minutes
You slumped on the sofa and said
This is going to turn into a superstitious
Ritual for televised games, isn't it?

And you searched your head for
Some way out of it

and knew

Even though you are not that good a cook
And Chinese food gives me wind
If we ever lost and you didn't cook it
It would all be your fault

You touched your head
Into you hands and said

Best renew your season ticket
I am the Liverpool Fan's wife
Pity me


With apologies to Michael Ondaatje

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