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#gdgrdc   #gdgssa  presenting the strengths and weaknesses of GDG in Congo, DRC +Michel Isamuna  #gdgmentors2015  

What will happen in #2015 #summary   #gdg   #gdggoma  #243

In this year 2015, we would like to focus on Community and collaboration between GDGs, developer, among other GDG chapter and we would like to create a positive impact in SSA.

1.  Session Android for Student
2. Full Android session from March 7 to April 4
3. Google I/O Extended 2015 Goma
4. Co-organize Google I/O Extended 2015 Kisantu
5. Co-organize Google I/O Extended 2015 Bukavu
4. G|Days DRC 2015 together with other GDGs in the country 
5. GDG Devfest Goma 2015 on Polymer, Google Cloud Platform and FireBase
6. Hackaton Mobile Web Challenge in collaboration with SynapseHub
7. Launch of Code4Congo and Startup WeekEnd program, that will allow community to increase mobile web, android, cloud projects and bring ideas out of the box to create startups.
8. Organize a Python codes retreat in collaboration with others GDG
9. Promote the GDE program in the country

2014  #gdggoma #summary  #gdg  

1.The first three month of 2014, GDG Goma started with a meeting to plan the year. And after that, we organized android session for the lead team and others student to allow them to be part on Africa Android challenge, and GDG Goma has submitted 3 applications. In this period, we organized a national challenge called “Mon congo se connecte” to allow web developer to create applications that connect more peoples. 
2. For the first time, we organized a Google MapUp session where many point of interest were added on the Goma google Maps.

2nd Quarter
1. In the 2nd Quarter we had two amazing event: GDays DRC at Lubumbashi and over 500 attendees in the global event; and the first Google I/O extended Goma, where we had a viewing party of the keynote and all other sessions with more than 30 students.  The Gdays DRC had business and developer tracks running in parallel sessions.

2. After Google I/O, We had many sessions talking about new Android L version, JavaScript development and Google Cloud platform.

3.   Other event organized in the second quarter was Android and Maps Api CodeLabs session.

3rd Quarter

1. We held a biggest event and 1st Devfest Series. We had sessions on Android, Google Cloud Platform

4. The GDG Goma team had the agreement of one university for the introduction of android course in the academic program

4. GDG Goma Lead   was nominated as GDG Country mentor and has been helping revive domant GDGs , start new GDGs and mentor new GDG organizers.

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Vous êtes invité à prendre part au 2e Google Days de la RDC qui se tiendra du 11 au 12 Avril à Lubumbashi.

Today we will map Goma town ... you welcome .. 

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You can now visit the GDG RDC new website #gdgrdc   #gdg   #itrdc   #gdggoma   #gdglubum   #gdgkin  

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GDG Goma lance Goma Android Class a partir du 9 mars 2013.  Pour tous les infos : et gomaandroidtraining

Hatez-vous car les places sont limitées a 50 personnes ...

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La classe Android Goma organisé par le GDG Goma est déjà lancé.
première séance, ce samedi 9 mars 2013 a partir de 10h a l'ISIG Goma.
pour tous renseignements et Inscriptions : gomaandroidtraining 

Hatez-vous car les places sont limitées a 50 personnes.
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