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Good new track ... Listen to Ghos7 by Pyramid #np on #SoundCloud

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Amen Google

"It's not really a sign of mental health to be well-adjusted in a society that's very sick." #TheOA #Netflix

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Was a fun exercise in finding the songs that summed up a few years of my life without getting overly long in the list. Anyway it's a little out of order, haven't figured out how to sort them but it's a good start. #MyLifeInMusic

Purposely picked a few live official videos since I happened to be at each of the Morrissey and Pink Floyd shows where those videos were filmed ;-)

My Life In Music:

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This is what I'll be doing all next week! #PinkFloyd

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Anyone use this and have opinions?

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One of my better Photospheres.

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Development technology and Cat

A week with the Pixel XL quite black and some impressions:

The Pros:

(1) Battery life is the best I've ever seen on any smartphone ... I go all day with heavy use and by the end of the day without charging I'm usually at 40% remaining.

(2) The display is the best I've ever seen on any smartphone ... There's a cool tint which coming from a Nexus 6P with its yellow tint and the warmer hues on my work iPhone it's a nice change.

(3) Android w/Pixel mod is smooth and amazing how I used to just accept some stutter, there's been none thus far

(4) I have no camera halo issues, and the camera shutter is amazingly fast.

The cons:

(1) I seem to have issues with the keyboard, I reduce my screen accessibility option to small and perhaps that's adding to missed input or typing miscues

(2) The speaker is mono and bottom facing, my biggest complaint coming from the stereo dual front facing on the 6P, notifications are quiet and I missed a few dings

(3) The phone feels small despite being similar in size to the iPhone 7S Plus and others ... The 6P was a beast, and I got used to that size.

(4) It's well built and solid, no seems like on the bottom of the 6P to drive me nuts

The little gripes:

(1) I got quite black but the charger and cables are white

(2) The headpiece speaker is felt covered and can collect link, would've preferred metals grill

(3) It's kinda bland, but the design is growing on me, the 6P was just cool looking and different.

(4) The bezel size doesn't bother me that much as the color in direct sunlight is more gray and black. I'm not sure if I like this or don't, but it's noticeable and I waiver on if it's something I like or annoys.

(5) The brightness level is crazy, I have it almost on zero no ambient and it's too bright even in daylight -- this may be a good thing to some.

Overall coming from a 6P it's a definite upgrade and worth the price imho as it's a really great experience without the gimmicks that I never end up using after the first week like wireless charging. Is it a revolution, no, but it's an evolution that shows promise for the future.
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