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George Hodgkins
Supporting audiobooks, authors, and independent publishing.
Supporting audiobooks, authors, and independent publishing.

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All of the blog posts I write are dedicated to the power of what social media CAN do for your business. And if you’ve been reading this blog for more than a couple posts, you know I love social media and the impact it can have on a business. But, despite…

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+Jane Friedman nicely covers both the theory and the practice of starting and maintaining an email newsletter.

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Audiobook Hashtags

If you'll be posting about audiobooks on social media during the next month or so, keep this request from the Audio Publishers Association in mind:

"Want to help spread the word about the Audies, APAC, and June is Audiobook Month? Please use the following hashtags in order to direct attention to our season of celebration, education, and community! With your help, we can reach more audiobook lovers and new listeners than ever!

" #Audies2015, #APAC2015, #Audiomonth "

Remember: Hashtags work great on Twitter, Instagram, and Google+; not so great on Facebook; and not at all on Pinterest.

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Great overview and advice on personal professional social media branding from +Evan LePage at +Hootsuite 

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This is a great read from +Lindsay Buroker for anyone self-publishing series fiction.


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The BuzzFeed Economy and the Chase for Social Proof

We’re told by “the experts” that we need hundreds of shares to be relevant, hundreds of comments to be important, and thousands of subscribers to be worth reading. So we write the easy content that gets these eyeballs, shares, etc.

And it’s all bullshit.

It’s lazy content that enriches no-one. Not the blogger, and certainly not the reader, despite what they believe. And on and on the circle grows, until we’re all back at square one and no-one cares.

If we want that web, fine – let’s put out the easy content and the buzzworthy soundbites, and make the web a giant pool of crud.

If we don’t want that web – write the stuff that really matters to you, and be proud of every single word.

After all, isn’t that why we started in the first place?

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This is a wonderful interview (podcast) with audiobook narrator, actress, and novelist +Gabra Zackman on +Jonathan Fields'd Good Life Project.
What happens when a romance novel voiceover artist tells God she's willing to give up everything that makes her her, if he'll just deliver a husband and family...and maybe a good life along the way?

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Great post by +Harry Bingham at +Jane Friedman's blog: "The fourth [publishing] era isn’t one where Indie Publishers Destroy The Evil Big 5 Oligopoly, or vice versa. This new era of publishing is one where authors have a meaningful choice "
A traditional publishing veteran says we're entering an era where authors with plenty of Big 5 sales experience choose to say, “You know what, I’m not playing this game any more.” 
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