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Ross Goldberg
Take pride in who you are and all you do.
Take pride in who you are and all you do.

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This interview I recently did just went live. I talked about my military background and gave some of the best advice I've given in years. Check it out!

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Fell upon a dropshipping report I put together 10 years ago this morning. After some quick edits, I decided to put it up on the blog.

Can you help with this? (Obviously, I'll help you, too)

I need 1 or 2 friends with amazing products or services that aren't getting the credit or visibility they deserve to help test some new lead gen ideas, systems, and strategies.

As you may or may not know, I never recommend tactics unless I've tested them and I need more data.

Over the last 10 years, I've proven that I know how to make most traffic strategies work. The problem is that every product or service is unique and not all strategies can work for all products.

While I can't work 1-on-1 with you for free, I can drastically reduce what I'd normally charge for something like this if what you sell is a fit.

What you'd get from me will vary based on your needs. We would have to discuss your situation and I'd need to see your website to ensure I can help. If I believe I can help, we'd figure out what that would look like.

If the above statement applies to you, drop me a note or a message. If it doesn't, please feel free to forward this onto someone that it does apply to.

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This is the story of how I broke my business, found what was broken, and repaired it.

I retreated.
Waving my white flag, I calmly backed away from my business and focused on the personal issues that I'd allowed to transform me from the fearless badass I was into a cowering, fear fueled, nearly empty shell of my former self.

I was not who I thought I was. I had become something else entirely. Someone sad and broken.

It took some hard work and a lot of scary introspection. I've emerged from my time away as something else entirely.

Now the fun starts. Tomorrow.

It's time to share my story (and share what I've discovered).

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Just rewrote my most popular post and added in two new steps to the process.

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I've always been curious about how do this, but was surprised by how easy it ended up being.
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