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Arquillian Extension REST 1.0.0.Alpha3 released
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen 

New in this release:

* Support for Jersey as a client lib implementation
* Support for injection of WebTarget
* Support for @Header and @Headers annotations

See full release notes for more info:

Thanks to +Bernard Łabno for his contributions to this release!
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Arquillian Spring Extension 1.0.0.Beta3 Released
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen 

It has again been a while since that last Arquillian Spring extension release, but it’s finally here. This release focus mainly on further integration and compatibility with the Arquillian Universe

 Upgraded to Arquillian Core 1.1.x

With Arquillian Core 1.1.0.Final came the new ShrinkWrap Resovler 2.0 APIs.

The Arquillian Spring Deployers have been updated to support the new ShrinkWrap Resolver 2.0 APIs and should now work with the latest and greatest from the Arquillian Universe.

Arquillian Persistence Extension support

In this release we’ve added a new module, arquillian-persistence-spring, which integrates Spring with the Arquillian Persistence Extension.

More specifically, it’s an implementation of the Persistence Extension DataSourceProvider SPI.

This integration allow you to configure the Persistence Extension to operate on a DataSource configured in your Spring applicationContext.

For more information and examples see the full release notes;

Thanks to +Jakub Narloch, Tommy Tynjä and +Andrew Lee Rubinger for their contributions to this release!
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Arquillian OSGi 1.1.0.Final Released!
Posted by +Thomas Diesler 

Continued support for OSGi 4.2

Read all about it;

Release heroes: Martin Basovnik, +Štefan Bunčiak +Thorben Janssen 
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Jboss 7.1.1, having installation problems, someone help out. please
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Arquillian Graphene 2.0.3.Final Released
Posted by +Lukáš Fryč 

XHR2/Selenium Compatibility Fixes

* guardAjax does not work with XHR2 requests
* Prevent FieldAccessValidatorEnricher from reporting issues with public fields in test class
* xhrInterception breaks applications using jQuery 2.x
* Wrong classes are injected to PageObject injection points in abstract test basis

* Make SeleniumResourceProvider compatible with Selenium API 2.42.0

Thanks to the following heroes; +Juraj Huska, +Sona Jamborova, Oliver Kiss. 

For more information, please see the full release notes:
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ShrinkWrap Resolver 2.1.1 Released
Posted by +Karel Piwko 

Bugfix release without the Gradle support:

* Resolved file extension returned instead of packaging type in MavenResolvedArtifact
* Aether fails to instantiate RepositorySystem if SLF4J < 1.6 is on CP
*  Version range resolution fails if metadata file doesn't exist in local repository
* ShrinkWrap Resolver sometimes can't resolve a dependency with EJB packaging
* Missleading Exception message when sonatype and eclipse Aether found on classpath

Thanks to +Alex Soto and +Tadeáš Kříž for their contributions!

Read all about it at
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The APE is back with a vengeance! Data bugs, Run For Your Life!
Arquillian Persistence Extension 1.0.0.Alpha7 Released
Posted by +Bartosz Majsak 

After quite a while we are happy to announce new version of Arquillian Persistence Extension with anticipated fixed and improvements.

Some of the highlights in this release

*  SQL script handling improvements
SQL script handling has been significantly improved. It not only has improved performance (namely for Oracle) but also let you provide your own implementation for parsing multi-line scripts through simple SPI org.jboss.arquillian.persistence.spi.script.StatementSplitter.

*  Direct access to DBUnit
Ability to inject DBUnit DatabaseConnection making it possible to interact with DBUnit directly in the tests.

*  New SPI module
Through newly introduce SPI module you can now register your own datasource providers. This can be leveraged by frameworks such as Spring which can now do their own lookups (from application context) instead of relying on JNDI.

* New extension point
We have also implemented extension point to define custom implementation of org.dbunit.database.DatabaseSequenceFilter which is used to seed and clean database by DBUnit. Out of the box we provide sequence filter strategy for Oracle. You can register it in arquillian.xml as part of persistence-dbunit

* Custom filtering strategy
You can also define column filtering strategy when comparing datasets through @ShouldMatchDataSet annotation. By simply providing an implementation of org.dbunit.dataset.filter.IColumnFilter and decorating your test with e.g.@CustomColumnFilter({FirstNameColumnFilter.class, LastNameColumnFilter.class}). Filter classes are packaged automatically.

We are still shaping up the extension and its modularity hence we split modules in the following manner:
persistence-dbunit – you can replace old impl dependency by this one
persistence-spi – SPI for future extensions

For example and more information, see the release notes:

Thanks to  Masao Kunii, +Michel Graciano, +Jakub Narloch, Sandor Bodo-merle and Kumm for their contribution!
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Arquillian Container Tomcat 1.0.0.CR7 Released
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen 

A minor bug fix release of the Arquillian +Apache Tomcat Container Adapters.

See the release notes for more details:

Thanks to Stephen Coy, +Juraj Huska & Tommy Tynjä
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Arquillian Core 1.1.5.Final Released
Posted by +Aslak Knutsen 

1.1.4.Final had some nasty bugs in it, 1.1.5.Final should have cleared these up.

Fixed false positives with JUnit from 1.1.4.Final
Arquillian Core 1.1.4.Final had a nasty bug where it would ‘erase’ some special exception cases that could happen In Container, that gave the Client side the wrong result.

This has now been fixed. Expected exceptions, Assumption and Injection errors should now be reported correctly(Both when using the @Rule and the @Test.expected variants).

 JUnit @Rules support
JUnit rules has historically been a bit tricky with Arquillian. They are executed outside of the Before/After lifecycle where Arquillian has been hooking in, leaving us with no control over when they are executed.

This has in the past caused them to be executed both on the Client side and In Container. With 1.1.5.Final, we’ve moved how all this is executed and included @Rules into the Before/After handling.

This means,@Rules will follow the same rules as @Before/@After, that again follow the execution of @Test. If the @Test is executed In Container, so will the @Rule. If @Test executes on Client, so will the @Rule.

Internal TestResult state correlates with actual result
An old bug in Arquillian has been that the Internal state of the TestResult inside of Arquillian has not matched the TestResult reported by the Test Framework. This comes from how Arquillian work and integrate with the different Test Framework.

The normal case is when using @Test.expected Exception setup, Arquillian internally will report it as failed since it caught an Exception. But the Test Framework might later choose that, no, this was Expected. This happens after Arquillian gave up control of the result and we never had a callback to get this result updated to the actual state.

From the Users perspective, this is just an internal detail and has been nothing to worry about. We’ve been moving forward with the Arquillian Recorder Extension that create User reports for the test run based on the internal state. Because of this, these reports has come out a bit off.

This is now fixed for both the JUnit and TestNG integrations.

For Extension developers who require the correct TestResult;@Observe the After event.

Support exporting Deployments exploded
Arquillian has always supported exporting to disk the Archive that is about to be deployed to the container, either via the arquillian.deploymentExportPath System Property or via arquillian/engine/property@name=deploymentExportPath in arquillian.xml.

It dawned on us that if you’re exporting the deployments to disk, you’re probably interested in seeing the content.

With 1.1.5.Final you can add the arquillian.deploymentExportExploded System Property or arquillian/engine/property@name=deploymentExportExploded in arquillian.xml to have the deployment automatically exploded on export.

For more information about this release, please see the Arquillian blog:

Thanks to +Karol Lassak+Ales Justin and +Robert Panzer for their contributions to this release!
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Arquillian Recorder 1.0.0.Alpha3 Released!
Posted by +Štefan Miklošovič 

Issues fixed

* Name of Screenshooter method setting screenshot type is mangled
* Making html report with screenshooter on cp deletes target
* Merge release profile to default profile
* Add multilanguage to AsciiDocExporter
* Reporter does not consider screenshots taken manually in test methods

Release heroes; +Karel Piwko and +Alex Soto 
Thank you for your great contributions!

Read the full release notes on the Arquillian blog;
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WildFly 8.1 released, read all about it and download from
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TODAY: LiveOak: Is that a mobile backend as a service in your pocket?today @ 5pm UTC, Live on YouTube
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I am proud to announce the immediate availability of RHQ 4.11.As always this release contains new features and bug fixes.Notable changes are: Plugins can now define plugin specific DynaGroup expressions, which can even be aut...
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