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Evo 3D rooted using HTC unlock - still has S-ON.

No thanks to HTC on this one beyond the unlock (no answer to tweets on how to proceed), but many thanks to our pals at XDA! (Cited within the link below.)

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Phandroid is on fire today - check out this story.

Good news, everyone!

Microsoft Shows Off Upcoming Windows Phones
News Republic:

WP7 will feature huge upgrades later this year so that it's lovers can have Moment, Hero or Evo features without ever needing to be on Sprint or use Android.

Best part is you don't have to wait for physicists to find a way to teleport you into last year and beyond.

Just think - getting widgets with no danger whatsoever of accidentally marrying your grandmother. How cool is that! 

Microsoft sees unified eco-system for PCs, Phones, and TVs of tomorrow
News Republic:

Ok. That's the kind of top-notch thinking that can get things done in a way that really serves consumers and enhances service integration in our ever-evolving digital lives. You know - what Apple and Google are already fielding.

Oh, Microsoft, please don't ever change! 

From our Left Hand May I Introduce You To Right Hand Department:

Samsung denies its own Nexus 3 rumours
News Republic:

Yep, overwhelmed by their inability to coordinate information flow and exacerbated by their lumbering approach to viral marketing, the Gorilla attempts damage control.

Oh, Samsung, please don't ever change! 

Google eBooks reader to debut in US
News Republic:

I hope it's not ugly. 

Android makes big gains in key territories
News Republic:

It's not just for Kansas anymore. 

Google+ User Estimate Hints At Rapid Growth
News Republic:

Paul Allen analyzes last names on Google+ while sources reveal I may be descended from oysters. Well, I do have the patience of one. 

Google's mysterious Photovine website is live, and it looks like a social photo-sharing service
News Republic:

Moon, Mars, Venus: China aims high in space
News Republic:

On the heels of our last shuttle mission. 
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