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Dave Welmans (CambodiaDave)
Grumpy, yet mostly friendly, Cancerian.
Grumpy, yet mostly friendly, Cancerian.

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Livingstone, Zambia - Victoria Falls  #mobilephotography   #mobilography   #mobileartclub  
August 24, 2012 (21 photos)
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Check this cool dog swimming with Dolphins in Mozambique

Received vi +Linda Victor 

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Having driven the Tesla Model S on the neighborhood roads back-to-back not only against most of the other electric cars in the market today, but also comparing it against other premium cars such as Rolls Royce Corniche, I came to this startling conclusion: The Tesla Model S is so superior that it seems that it's just a matter of time until all the other car companies will have to file bankruptcy.

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(Sun05) The science of Oscar Pistorius, South Africa's "Bladerunner."


You may not be an Olympic athlete, but you can become a Google+ evangelist: 

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Oscar Pistorius: let’s put it to rest the controversy and celebrate his achievement

I am amazed by people talking about the advantages my friend gets from his bionic legs that they are willing to forget the human who walks on these legs, my friend who came into my house on these legs.

He told us once and it's in his book: the story of walking on the beach as a boy and noticing that his feet left impressions on the sand that weren't the same as other kids'. "My footprints are different," he told his parents. "No," they replied, "they're just better." 

His mother would call on Oscar and his brother, "Carl, you put on your shoes, and Oscar, you put on your legs, that's the last I want to hear about it"

He never thought he had a disability he just thought he had different shoes. 

From The Washington Post

"Before another scientific journal, retired sprinter Michael Johnson’s ego or track’s stopwatch police ruin one of the great stories of these Olympic Games, let’s crystallize the emotions of Olympic Stadium on Saturday, about 10:45 a.m., when a man with no legs below his knees began blazing around the track".

"The crowd of 80,000 roared because they felt happy for Oscar Pistorius, not sorry for him. They rose from their seats in awe, not uncomfortable ambiguity".

"Would you swap your two legs for Pistorius’s prosthetics to find out?*

My last question to you:

Are you more worried about him breaking records because of his advantage or do you enjoy with the world a differently abled person overcoming all odds?

I get the feeling that you feel sorry for disabled people as long as they don't threaten your ego - your records.

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Now this is something for +Matt Harding, +Linda Dee and +Guy Kawasaki. Taken the day after a brain op for my friend +Gary Devine  Couching Potato. Watch til end. hahaha. 

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Don't care about the corners.
All love yo! t(ツ)_/¯
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