Here is my 150 word response to the question "what is The Fiction of Relationship" for the literature course I took last summer:

Wiktionary defines 'relationship' as connection or association. To me association and relationship represent the fundamental units of knowledge. Human beings are defined by our connections to other people and ideas. We are essentially nothing but relationship in both the abstract mathematical sense (the algebra of relationship as aRb: a is related to b by the relation R) and the nitty gritty connections of our location, history, identity, passions and initiatives. Weinstein defined fiction as a construct (Wiktionary: invention). To communicate to ourselves or others, we construct a story of our relationships. Stories turn raw relationship into dynamic vivid aliveness. Literature is also an invention of stories about people and their relationships. 'Fiction of relationship' refers to the inherent and fundamental role of story (fiction) and association (relationship) in both our lives and our literature. This counterintuitive connection is deeply paradoxical, so it is a profound source of insight and creativity.
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