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James Reffell
Designer & agitator.
Designer & agitator.

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An important lesson I apparently have to keep learning.

Mediawiki people!

Any basic tips on securing a Mediawiki install? I'm setting something up, and I have this vague feeling there are sensible things I should do to keep it secure, keep spammers out, etc., but I don't know what these are. Any pointers while I slowly make my way through documentation?

No technical change by Google has made me angrier than them ceasing to pass active queries from Search to News.

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For +gen evieve and +Tom Nielsen

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Randomly. It's Rachid fucking Taha and if he doesn't make you belly dance at your stand up work station your soul is dead.

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"But now if someone asks me whether an important policy and regulatory issue can be replicated in a virtual world, I can say that some players replicated energy market manipulation just for kicks."

I really should be playing Eve Online. But I suspect it's more fun reading about it.

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Good reading on cognition & the dangers of relying on confidence.

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This is probably the best article on securing yourself on the web from an educated layperson's perspective I've read. Starts with a story of being hacked, ends with practical advice for normal people. The middle, which includes talking to Google's security team, is the fun part.

Only quibble is it recommends Lastpass as a password manager, which is fine, but discerning & tasteful people will know to use UsableLogin ( instead. ;)

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Proposed new metric for business success: how much hacked accounts for your site go for in the underground market.

The metric nicely combines the economic value of the account + the site's security practices.

(Only $0.50 PayPal? Get moving!)
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