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Charlie Vick
Developer. Player of games. Reader of books. Amateur Dog Walker.
Developer. Player of games. Reader of books. Amateur Dog Walker.

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Just was wondering if post apocalyptic raiders could ride around on lawn mowers. TL;DR - yes.

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A table for driving around in post-apocalyptic Atlanta, which normal Atlanta resembles more and more. We don't get as much kudzu as the hinterlands, but we make up for it with traffic and poison ivy.

The default landscape is kind of a sweaty field, tall green grasses, some patches of asphalt. There's still trees - lots of pine, the gross redneck of the tree world. They're generally sparse enough you can drive around just fine, on a car or a lawnmower with a repurposed straight-6 engine.

Omega Cats should have 1 randomly chosen ability:
1. NegaYowl
2. Invisibility
3. Feather Fall
4. Phasing
5. CharmFace
6. Hypercut

Half-life water oaks mature and die within 15 minutes of a seed hitting wet clay. They cause havoc by spreading seeds and falling onto things. A sapling takes about a minute to form from a seed. At least we have lots of lumber.

Multidogs are probably regular dogs that can glorp together like The Thing and punch through walls and the like, but some are still semi-friendly even in hulked out form. They get real hungry though.

Blood dragons are just neon dragons. Sorry. I wanted them to be rare but possible.

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Just a little 'wandering post-apocalypse Atlanta' for the Rad-Hack and other post-apocalyptic games inspired by Gamma World.

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Random tables and other things for The Rad-Hack. Fun stuff. Sorry the font size is awful, I have tried to change that and blogger is all 'oh you saved it.' And then when I look at the page again it's still tiny font. Mutant ants would be saddened by this tiny font...

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Couple of books for sale:

A Sundered World (Hardcover, black-and-white): $18
Space Wurm vs Moonicorn (Hardcover, color): $36
50 Fathoms (Softcover): $19
13th Age: $33

All are in good shape, a little foxing on the edges of 50 Fathoms because, you know, softcovers. Shipping is included in the cost.

I prefer paypal as the payment option. If you're interested, I would recommend touching base and actually sending payment tomorrow, so I can guarantee my wife isn't going into labor and I can go to the post office. (If you send money tonight and we go into labor by tomorrow morning, shipping will be delayed.)


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Just more art. This is not in the Early Modern style, but it's still a nice combination of art that conforms to medieval style while including all kinds of Lovecraftian critters.

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I think y'all will enjoy this. The thumbnail does not do it justice. 

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Ran a game of Troika! and good times were had. Have notes about using my dungeon generator and how +Brian Wille owned the generated dungeon.

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Ran that Troika! one-shot for +Brian Wille; had good times! I need to add a bit of Tower Wizard detail to my dungeon generator, but otherwise it seemed to work as expected.
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