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Juggling, soccer, was all going so well until Victor learned about multi-tasking.
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I think I actually saw this statue when I went to Norway!

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Can't sleep, seal will eat me... Can't sleep, seal will eat me...
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Warning: No car explosions on this road. If you think your car is going to explode, please exit to a side road.
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"Under no circumstances may Jambi the Genie transform into an automobile in this zone."
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Return of the Planet of the Apes Review:
There were some good things about Return of the Planet of the Apes (ROTPOTA). The CGI chimp was given enough development and facial expression that he felt like a real character. Nice "old school" Planet of the Apes references. Hearing Draco (Tom Felton) shout Heston's old lines was amusing. There were also some interesting "what if" questions raised about how we would treat an intelligent, self-aware chimpanzee.

The problem was that it started out as a fairly intelligent movie, but the implausibilities built up past the tipping point. So here, for your pleasure, is a ROTPOTA multiple-choice test. If you do well, be warned: you may have been injected with an experimental brain-enhancing drug.


The experimental drug allows the body to repair brain cells, resulting in better brain function. What would you expect this drug to do to a chimpanzee?
a) give him opposable thumbs so he can pick locks
b) give him a bipedal skeletal structure so he can stand like a human and throw spears with deadly accuracy
c) give him a differently designed larynx, so he can talk and freak humans out.
d) none of the above, because the filmmakers can't be that ignorant about the differences between humans and apes
e) all of the above, because yes they are

A doctor/veterinarian shows up early in the movie to treat a wound. Later, a dead body is found. What does the doctor do?
a) runs over to check for a pulse
b) shakes her head sadly, then determines cause of death
c) screams and covers her eyes. Because she's a doctor, but she's also a GIRL, and OMG Draco died nooooooo!

Man gets exposed to experimental drug during his job at the lab. Man becomes seriously ill as a result. What does he do?
a) goes to a doctor (one that doesn't scream at the sight of blood)
b) goes to his employers and alerts them to the fact that their drug is unsafe for humans
c) hides the fact that he's sick, walks around sneezing on people, then drops dead

Late in the movie, the PR-conscious boss is told that the experimental drug increases intelligence. His response:
a) "Yes, I know. That was obvious from the first tests early on."
b) "Interesting. We'll spend some funds studying that, but the medical field is where the biggest opportunities are. Let's continue developing the drug as a cure for Alzheimer’s."
c) "It INCREASES INTELLIGENCE? Great! We'll market this to healthy people who want to be injected with experimental drugs and are obsessed with their IQ. So...graduate students, I guess. They have money, right? Inject every chimp we have!"

Man steals experimental drug, uses it on his father, and also steals a chimp from the facility. He reveals this to his boss. The boss:
a) fires him
b) fires him and has him arrested
c) widens his eyes slightly and then orders him to continue doing reckless testing

Apes, who are now possibly more intelligent than humans, escape into the city. They:
a) hide and plot their takeover
b) demonstrate their intelligence to the media to turn the tide of public opinion in their favor
c) take over a park so they can live off stolen pic-a-nic baskets
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