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Accelerating Beyond Control
There have been very few times in my life when I haven't felt at least somewhat in control of the microcosm of events occurring around me. I tend to keep a tight rein on things directly connected to where I live or work, and the interactions that occur ther...

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The yearning to write and the will to write sometime feel mutually exclusive. I want to write and yet I sit in front of a page of my novel in progress and nothing comes out. I diverge. I think. I ponder. I mull. I do everything but actually write. This blog...

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Doubt many of you would be interested but here's my appearance on Sirius Satellite Radio from Monday.

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I'll be live tonight on Sirius Satellite Radio discussing the Falcons with Norm from Norm at Night. Sirius listeners can tune into Sirius channel 158 and regular joe's can go to the below link to stream the show.

Going to the Falcons game tonight with some coworkers. Won the tix from a local radio station. And people say I'm not lucky.

So what's the official "cut off" word count for a "short" story? I'm over 8000 words now and still going.

This short story interruption isn't so short anymore. 6700 words and still going. End is in sight, though, thankfully. Back to the novel after this diversion.

Can you actually sell flash fiction?
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