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Einfach. Machen.
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Developer Productivity: What's New in C# 6.0

Are you a C# Developer who wants to be more productive? We've got good news! The latest and greatest features in C# can help. Join us to learn a more precise way to write constructs (that is, find out how to type less and code more).

MVP and best-selling author Bill Wagner teams up with Microsoft Program Manager Anthony Green to explore auto property initializers, expression bodied members, null propagation operators, exception filters, string interpolation, and more. Find out how these new language features can make you more efficient. And see how easy it is to look at your code, diagnose issues, solve problems, and become a C# 6 master.

(01) C# Productivity, Conciseness
Focus on three C# features that can make your code more concise and easier to read and understand: Expression Bodied Members, Static Usings, and Null Condtionals.

(02) Data Transfer Object Support
Learn about Readonly Properties and Dictionary Initializers, features in C# which make it easier to create Data Transfer Object types concisely and correctly, as we do so with the purpose of transferring between Internet-connected programs.

(03) String Handling
Learn about ​Nameof and String interpolation features, which make it easier to work with mixed symbols and strings in modern programs.

(04) Exceptions and Error Handling
Get the details on Exception Filters and on Await in Catch and Finally features, which give us more robust idioms when we encounter problems.

(05) Adopting C# 6
Find out how to put the features into practice, and see some of the idioms that make null conditionals amazingly useful. Explore how features interrelate with each other, and look at some improvements to the "betterness" definition for method overloading.

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For developers accepting the challenge:

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If you like testing your ASP .net frontend on different Browsers, I have great news for you:
The Tricentis Tosca Testsuite 8.3 SP1 is out and it is amazing!
So many awesome features and a total new XScan, 
check it out!

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Yes! TOSCA Testsuite 8.3 SP1 is out and it is amazing! So many awesome features and a total new XScan, check it out!

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Lyrics in the description! 

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Awesome Marketing!

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Damn right!
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