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Today is Intergalactic Towel Day. Are you a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is?
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I am still trying to reach my goal so I can do the MS ride tomorrow.

Here is the link to the information page about my ride for MS, how MS affects people and the National MS Society.


At the near top-left, you should see a “Donate To Me” button to make your donations today on the secure site. I know I should have gotten this out on Thursday, (yesterday) so sorry for the even shorter notice. Got busy prepping.

Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.

Peace and Love,

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Had you ever been told by a law enforcement to shut your filthy mouth. Well I have.

You ever been told they will lock you away and you will never see the light of day. Well I have.

Ever been in cuffs in the back of a squad car accused of something you never did. Well I have.

Ever been told by a defence attorney they want to see you convicted. Well I have.

Ever been accused by a judge of things you did when she wasn’t even there and the witness are on your side. Well I have.

have you ever had people run from you in fear when you stepped on a train. Well I have.

Ever had to run for your life by people chasing you, seeking refuge in a courthouse. Well I have.

Had you been escorted to the train station by police for your own protection from the madding crowd. Well I have.

Have you ever been told you should change your name so you will be left alone. Well I have.

Have you seen injustice everyday turning every which way but can’t escape. Well I have.

That being said:

Have you ever had the police treat you with respect and hear you out. Well I have.

A stranger go out of their way to help you out at their expense. Well I have.

Had an ADA or a judge ever say they wished you all the best. Well I have.

Had someone did you wrong then turned to your face and apologise. Well I have.

Seen the love abound in people around  when you are upside down and needing a friend. Well I have.
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Same head. See the expressions.
No image textures. No photographs.
Age progression is awesome!
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Amazing 3D work on FLOSS.
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Karim Hosein commented on a post on Blogger.
The relevance was not made clear in the article.

Current "glass cockpit" aircraft including some smaller aircrafts from makers such as Cessna can leave a gate*, taxi to the runway, takeoff, avoid bad weather, avoid collisions with land, avoid collisions with other planes,** land and taxi to a gate* all without pilot intervention. Of course all of this has to be preprogrammed by a pilot. The problem is that the FAA will not allow it. They insist that a human must always be in control in case of the unknown.

In the case of Germanwing, the human was the unknown. (And, yes, the A320 would automatically start a controlled rate climb when it detected ground without pilot intervention but pilot intervention automatically disables this feature.

* at select large airports.
** in adequately equipped aircrafts.
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