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Is your family on Android? Does your phone battery often die and leave a loved one wondering what happened to you? Try my friend Lindsey's Levels app - share your battery status with those who need to know.
Got an Android? I need your help!

Install Levels via the Google Play link from

Do you get what the app is for?
Does it sound useful?
I know the auth part of the initial UX sucks, OAuth2 in a browser, but what about the generel premise of the App? 

Do you like the name?
The logo?
The utility?

You've lived without it forever, but do you think you might need it now?
How about for your remote control(s)?

Feedback asked for! (and appreciated)

Your amigo,

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very cool.
Stare at the colored dots on this girl’s nose for 30 seconds, then quickly look at a white wall or ceiling (or anything pure white) and start blinking rapidly. Congratulations, you just processed a negative with your brain! A question for you GSF, how is this possible?

(This is a brilliant ad, but we are not endorsing it by any means, we are interested in the science of the brain)

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So awesome, Petra! This is an inspiration!
Wonder what have I been up to?
You ABSOLUTELY need some headphones.
Big thanks to +Trey Ratcliff for inspiration!
Big thanks to #PhotowalkParis peeps, Sylvie Marteau, +Manu Cornet , +Martin Görner and others that helped to make this happen.

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Your moment of mechanical zen, brought to you by Ralph Steiner circa 1930.

Ok - so I need feedback from Googlers & non-Googlers on using Google+ for work. I already have Google+ on my personal account, and now my company has turned on Google+ for my work account (we run on Google Apps for your domain). How do Googlers envision these 2 very different uses? Does a "work" circle on your personal account cut it? Or does it necessitate 2 different G+ accounts? I can see where having my work account on Google+, only sharing links/conferences/industry events to coworkers would be handy, but I don't want to end up having to cross-post interesting links on both work & personal.


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Delightfully disturbing!
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