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We’ve received a lot of positive feedback after our recent launch of the 300x600 ad unit size and are therefore very happy to let you know that we’ll be expanding our range of available ad sizes to include the brand-friendly 970x90 ad unit. Read more about this launch in our blog and let us know if you’re planning to try this new unit on your site.

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Always a huge fan of Joel, and he makes some fantastic points here
Two things about SOPA/PIPA and then I'll shut up :)


The internet seems to ignore legislation until somebody tries to take something away from us... then we carefully defend that one thing and never counter-attack. Then the other side says, "OK, compromise," and gets half of what they want. That's not the way to win... that's the way to see a steady and continuous erosion of rights online.

The solution is to start lobbying for our own laws. It's time to go on the offensive if we want to preserve what we've got. Let's force the RIAA and MPAA to use up all their political clout just protecting what they have. Here are some ideas we should be pushing for:

* Elimination of software patents
* Legal fees paid by the loser in patent cases; non-practicing entities must post bond before they can file fishing expedition lawsuits
* Roll back length of copyright protection to the minimum necessary "to promote the useful arts." Maybe 10 years?
* Create a legal doctrine that merely linking is protected free speech
* And ponies. We want ponies. We don't have to get all this stuff. We merely have to tie them up fighting it, and re-center the "compromise" position.


The dismal corruption of congress has gotten it to the point where lobbying for legislation is out of control. As Larry Lessig has taught us, the core rottenness originates from the high cost of running political campaigns, which mostly just goes to TV stations.

A solution is for the Internet industry to start giving free advertising to political campaigns on our own new media assets... assets like YouTube that are rapidly displacing television. Imagine if every political candidate had free access (under some kind of "equal time" rule) to enough advertising inventory on the Internet to run a respectable campaign. Sure, candidates can still pay to advertise on television, but the cost of campaigning would be a lot lower if every candidate could run geo-targeted pre-roll ads on YouTube, geo-targeted links at the top of, even targeted campaigns on Facebook. If the Internet can donate enough inventory (and I suspect we can), we can make it possible for a candidate to get elected without raising huge war chests from donors who are going to want something in return, and we may finally get to a point where every member of congress isn't in permanent outstretched-hand mode.

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had to get some work done, so I put it up on ramps

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New version of my main site is coming along really well:

I think the designs generally OK, good for me at least, but I'm really proud of how the backend is coming along.

Site's very DB intensive, but I have page compilation under 100 ms for first load most of the time, and ~20 ms when the cache is warm.

Been wanting to use a CDN for a while, but I hated having to push stuff manually and deal with versioning... So now the site auto detects any static file being updated, pushes it to S3, and links to the file on CloudFront. Minifies and Gzip's CSS, with JS working soon.
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