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Is it just me, or is does the new +Google+ make it impossible to navigate to Events

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Interview with +Anthony Scopatz and +Katy Huff discussing their new book. Read the interview to find Katy's challenge.

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I got my pre-release e-book already.
We are excited to finally be releasing "Effective Computation in Physics - Field Guide to Research with Python" published by O'Reilly Media. This has been a labor of us over the past year. You can purchase the book here ( or check out our website ( for more information.

We are hoping for friendly technical review comments from readers. We will be incorporating these as we go.  Please understand that as an early release, parts of this book remain "raw and unedited." Many updates have already been made which may not be yet pushed up to the early release version.

We would love to see this be a supplemental course textbook, used as an introduction for new graduate or undergraduate students in research, and so on. if you are an educator and want to use this book in such a capacity, we'd love to hear from you. Now is your opportunity to influence the final product to best fit your needs!

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Yesterday was momentous for math, women, and Prof. Maryam Mirzakhani, first female Fields medalist.

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Cycling makes an interesting analogy for understanding microagressions. Shared with me by  +Tracy Teal .

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Following +Chris Dolan's lead... I'll be happy to help anyone find a safe biking route to work and even ride with you a couple of times to help you get into the groove.  I'm sure we can beat Portland, OR, despite the climate difference 
Americans are discovering bikes. Though still a fraction of a percent of all US commuters, bike commuting has grown by 60% in the past ten years - a real movement. Do you bike to work?
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