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We have moved!!!
We have moved.  Check us out at our new location MisguidedSisters Blog

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Super Z Update
Super Z update!!  He did great!!  We have an MRI scheduled for the 11th of December which I cannot be more excited about!!!  Can't wait to see how this new drug is doing :)  I want to give a HUGE shout out to Samantha Weaver :)  She and her family gave Zayn...

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Bonds Between Heroes...No Path is the Same but We Walk it Together
November's Bonds Between Heroes post is written by a fellow blogger I just met a few weeks ago.  Her name is Robin Ferguson, and her blog is "In the Robins Nest" This "Heroes" is a bit different than our past guests.  This story I think depicts the Hero of ...

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Super Z udate :)
Zayne is finally having fun again at chemo J   It’s been hit and miss now that we can’t go
into the play room with flu season and we try packing a bag of toys but once we
get there he knows what he is missing…but the childcare workers are
incredible!     Au...

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Bathrooms with Boys...excerpt from the book
Put the seat up before you pee! Then
put it back down when you are done!” I said for the MILLIONTH time in
my career as a mom. Boys and bathrooms...what an adventure ! Throughout
my years of raising boys, I have often walked into my bathroom greeted by the ...

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Super Z's big game...told by the 4 year old himself.
So as you may have noticed the Misguided sisters have been
slacking on the job. Lol   Life has been a
bit busy, but blessed none the less.   About a week ago Jess posted the story of the amazing cancer
awareness football game that Zayne went to.   She told ...

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We walked onto the football field under the bright
lights.   The wind was crisp and you could
smell fall in the air.   Little Z almost
hopped out onto the field excited to throw the coin for the football
players!   I really couldn't tell who was
more excite...

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Super Z update!!!!
I want to start this update off by thanking my community once again :)  It is breast cancer awareness month and Springport Schools gave us these amazing shirts!!!  I think it is awesome that they used my boy for the design of the shirt!!  And we wore them p...

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The Bonds Between Heroes...No Path is the Same but We Walk it Together
Hey there, I’m Heather. Let me introduce you to my family
& a part of my life. I married my husband in 2004, and while it is
wonderful to walk thru life with your best friend, not all days have been roses
and chocolates. We’ve gone thru valleys; we have sto...

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Book Signing and give aways this Saturday!!!
Hey Everyone!   If you like a good laugh, good book and a good cup of coffee....come see us Saturday! The misguided
sisters will be giving away a $1 off coffee coupon to Espress yourself coffee
shop with each purchase of a book this Saurday, October 4 th at...
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