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Halo Fedorians,

Kita berencana akan ikut kembali untuk bid FUDCon di Indonesia tahun 2016 / 2017, tepatnya di Yogyakarta.

Untuk info lebih lanjut, jadi kita mengundang kalian semua jika ingin berpartisipasi dalam meeting yang akan kita adakan pada Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015 di IRC, server Freenode, channel #fedora-id. [1]

Link :

As per the Fedora 22 schedule [1], Fedora 22 Alpha Test Compose 7
(TC7) is now available for testing.

Note a significant known bug in TC7: Workstation live image boot will
often hang at the point where X should start up. This can be worked
around by just booting a few times (sometimes it works...) or by
editing 'rhgb quiet' out of the boot parameters. The bug report for
this is .

Content information, including changes, can be found at comment:10. Please see
the following pages for download links and testing instructions.
Normally should provide the fastest download, but is available as a mirror (with an
approximately 1 hour lag) in case of trouble. To use it, just replace
"dl" with "download-ib01" in the download URL.



Workstation and Desktop:




Ideally, all Alpha priority test cases for each of these test pages
[2] should pass in order to meet the Alpha Release Criteria [3]. For
the Fedora 22 cycle we are also trying to run the Beta and Final tests
at this time, to try and identify later release blocker bugs as early
as possible.

Help is available on #fedora-qa on [4], or on the
test list [5].

Create Fedora 22 Alpha test compose (TC) and release candidate (RC)

Current Blocker and Freeze Exception bugs:

[4] irc://

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Meeting Fedora Indonesia..
Buat yg lagi free pada hari tsb silahkan join yah, eventnya gratis.

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#Survey Pengguna Fedora di Indonesia (please fill)
Berdasarkan hasil meeting 31 Mei yang lalu, kita dari Fedora Indonesia akan membaut database pengguna dan kontributor Fedora di seluruh Indonesia berdasrakan daerah/provinsinya yang bertujuan untuk agar nantinya penyebaran "Fedora Spirit" di setiap provinsi yang merata dan bisa berbagi, berkoordinasi serta silahturahmi tentang Open Source khusunya Fedora untuk Indonesia yang lebih baik.

Jadi jika kalian merasa pengguna baru/setia Fedora dan ingin berkontribusi agar Fedora di Indonesia lebih baik, silahkan is data-data diri di link ini

Nanti kita dari Fedora Indonesia akan mengontak kalian untuk bekerja bersama-sama memajukan Fedora di Indonesia, makanya email/twitter/fb wajib di isi ya!

Detail lebih lanjut

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Dear Fedorians,
Malam ini kita akan mengadakan meeting IRC seperti biasa.
Berikut detailnya :
"Meeting Details
    > Thusrday, May 30, 2013 at 09:00 GMT+7
    > At IRC, server Freenode, channel #fedora-id
    > Fedora Indonesia Marketing Strategic and Planning
    > Fedora Indonesia L10n progress
    > Fedora Indonesia Documentation Guide
Roll call
    Using ".fas <your-fas>" to show your present (if you have)."

Lebih lanjut silahkan check di sini

*Silahkan sebarkan kepada yang lain

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