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Marco Cilia
I'm a Google Analytics passionate, advocate and power user
I'm a Google Analytics passionate, advocate and power user

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I think I'm going to be sick.

If you want to really scare an engineer, have one of the last-line backups -- the ones that nobody normal even thinks about, the ones that are meant to make sure the system fails safe if something unimaginably apocalyptic happens -- fail.

The seed vault isn't the best backup against a global apocalypse; honestly, if that happens, then the odds of us being able to use this effectively aren't great either. But it is a backup against, for example, some rapidly-spreading plant disease causing a collapse of a major food crop. These backups are what we'd need to start engineering resistant strains if contamination happened globally faster than we could catch it. That's a nontrivial failure mode of our food system, and that's why this vault is really important to have.

It was designed to be self-operating, maintained at the required -18C primarily by the cold temperatures of Svalbard. An isolated station that would let the people who worry about our food supply sleep at night. But the system never expected this scale of climate change; and with the permafrost melting, water flooded in and froze in the entryway. Thank all the gods, the vault itself remained unbreached, but the system can no longer be considered to be stable in its own right; it's being manned 24/7 until we can figure out how to stabilize it.

h/t Ursula Vernon.

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Doodle, sketch and create in no time with AutoDraw, a new tool that uses #MachineLearning to help you draw fast →
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Notes are available in all GTM assets now

With the release of the V2 API, the resource representations for tags, triggers, variables now all include the notes field, and this has now been pushed into the UI as well.

In fact, all the main resources (Account, Container, Container Version, Variable, Trigger, Tag, Folder, Workspace, and Environment) now support some form of annotation, either via notes or description.


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The Grand Jedi Master Yoda in Post-its

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A new, improve Google Analytics interface is coming soon. What's changing...

1. Streamlined navigation for reports
2. Customizations available in the main menu
3. Simplified switching between reporting views
4. You'll see the last view that you were on when you login
5. Default date range will be adjustable
6. Intelligence Events will be replaced by Automated Insights
7. In-Page Analytics will require the use of the Chrome Extension

View all the details at


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Trash Can for accounts and containers has launched. Users can now self-service when they've accidentally deleted an account or container. Items become unrecoverable after 30 days.
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The History of Urchin Software and Google Analytics (1995-2005)

"TL, DR: Urchin Software Corporation was a web analytics company based in San Diego, CA. The founders of the company were Paul Muret, Jack Ancone, Brett Crosby, and Scott Crosby. In April 2005 the company was acquired by Google, and the Urchin product became “Urchin from Google,” then later simply Google Analytics."
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