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Pretty stoked, Ranked a Youtube video and A Blog
post at the TOP of the first page of google

My previous blog post Ranked at the top of the 2nd page of Google... 

Getting better and better at this ranking thing lol....Intrigues me though and knowing its Something that makes a lot of money, well it makes it that more exciting!! lol

Stepping up my marketing skills

#marketing   #blogging   #seo   #RankingOnGoogle   #google  

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Check out Xanadu Catalina Festival....

#Music #health  #fitness   #festival   #catalinaisland  

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Had to go to a Third shop because the 2nd one wasn't star certified...

The 3rd shop said it was BS too and I should've passed the 1st time...

So talking to 5+ Different shops/Mechanics and Every one of them said the same thing, Nothing was wrong with my car or the part I had in it and The part I changed it to was perfectly ok!!

 There's been complaints FILED against this shop. BEWARE!

He shouldn't be pitching people to go get work done at the shop next door!! 

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Emotional pain is said to only last for 10 to 20 minutes, 
anything longer is actually self inflicted by over thinking, 
making things worse....

If You're gonna Make Sh*t up in your head, 
At Least make it Cool!!

Read/Watch This:

How to Stop Being Crazy, Start Getting Money and Have an AMAZING Life, TODAY!

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Cool Article, Makes me want to go invest in some art does research

Do You invest? and if so what?

Or what would you like to invest in if you had a few million dollars?

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Don't EVER Go to this smog station!!

Wasted my Time and Money trying to screw me for a few extra dollars, thinking I wouldn't catch what he was trying to pull....

I will be reporting this shop to the B.A.R

Looking to connect with other Entrepreneurs! #networking  

Who checks their google plus account. Let me know if you can see this post Please! thanks =) HAPPY NEW YEAR G+

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