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Matcha Review: Awaraku by Marukyu Koyama-en
Note: Apparently, this Matcha review has been in my queue for over two years and it was never published! This freezed-dried Matcha is really a good tea for lazy and busy people which don't really have much time for sifting the Matcha powder and boiling the...

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Tea Bowl Series: 油滴茶碗 - “Oil Spot” Glazed Tea Bowl
For me there is nothing more beautiful and fascinating than the variability of Tenmoku glazes. Tenmoku glazes can be divided into many categories. Oil spot glazes are one type of tenmoku glazes and include hare’s fur and partridge feather glazes. They are h...

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Tea Bowl Series: 刷毛目唐津 - Hakeme Karatsu-yaki
I like this brushed slip tea bowl with its unusual shape. Even if it is challenging to whisk the Matcha frothy. It is an excellent tea bowl for tea ceremonies in summer. Due to the flat shape the Matcha green tea cools down much faster, which makes a perfec...

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Matcha Review: Organically cultivated Matcha Gold by Marukyu Koyama-en
Marukyu Koyama-en is one of my favorite tea vendors for many years already but I never bought one of their organic Matcha green teas until now. Matcha Gold is a solid high quality Matcha, but doesn't stand out from the crowd of organically cultivated Matcha...

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look up, look down, look all around... matchaenthusiast got a new look
I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote a blog! Part of the reason for that is I've been very busy. With that said, I can't guarantee to post frequently during the coming months. So please don't be surprised if I will post my new year's Matcha ...

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Matcha Review: Gracious of the Court (2011) by Kaburagien
Hello Matcha Friends, The Tencha leaves for this Matcha powder are being stored since 2011 already.  However, a closer look reveals that Gracious of the Court (2011) is not a real enriched Kuradashi Matcha. But nevertheless it has a pleasant taste with surp...

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Enjoying an icy ‪#‎Matcha‬ beverage on a sunny and warm autumn day

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#Matcha  or Maccha?
Article about the spelling of #抹茶  in romanji.

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I haven't participated in a blind tasting of tea so far. But it sounds interesting in order to see whether one is able to correctly identify the different types of Japanese green tea. It is definitely difficult cause all types of tea are prepared in the same way.
Did you ever partake in a blind tasting contest for tea? This is how it's done for #greentea in #Japan.
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