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Are you paying too much for Business Insurance? Do you even know if you are or where do you wish to save $$$?

Do you have the correct #focus ? What I mean is that most #business #owners and #management emphasize reducing #insurance #cost when really the bigger picture should be #TCOR or #TotalCostOfRisk . Why is this and what is it?

Well, instead of focusing on just 15-20% of your #Risk cost (really that is only what insurance represents in the overall cost of your #expense to conduct business) we will focus on the other 75-80% of what you are spending on #RiskManagement. Can you imagine how much of your valuable time and effort is spent on reducing a measly 2, 3 or 4% of your #expenditures that Insurance represents when you could focus the same amount of time and effort to see a 10, 12 or 15% savings on all your risk-related costs?

Wonder what those "risk-related" costs might be? Well, if I listed some here then the problem is you will not think of the many other costs that I can tell you about. Why give a teaser and let you wonder? Instead, I ask that you contact me to discuss what your business is spending and where - from a RISK standpoint - in order to show you where we can SAVE YOU MONEY!

If you're an #accountant or #lawyer or #banker - any one considered a #TrustedAdvisor - do you not think it would benefit you and your clients to suggest to them or, better yet, you contact me directly for general info? After all, the #BottomLine - #Profit - is what we all wish to see higher, is it not?

Let's talk - 1st call is FREE for 30 minutes! I can be reached on Google to arrange a suitable time/date for a call. And YES, I do handle business across North America.


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Interesting article because what many people don't think about is that the grocers - by owning their own labels - "can" reduce consumers' price for merchandise BUT their focus on bottom-line profits may offset so the lack of choice "we" have is actually increasing the cost of what we buy.  So what is a fair way of ensuring that we have choice at the best cost?  I'm just glad we will be able to access French's, Heinz and the PC label together now. :)

I'm always grateful to those who add me to their #Circle  but do appreciate knowing why or what you have found to be so interesting?  Please do send me a message and I will try to continue to appease your interest. :)

Thanks, +Юрий Дорощук 

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A really amazing musician and I thank my friend +Jürgen R. Schreiter for sharing with me.

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I agree with the complaint here but not the logic.  What Council was to decide was if a by-election OR an appointment was to be made but circumvented the process - during the summer when so many voters are at cottages and on vacation - by actually voting to appoint a particular individual who LOST an election last October.

Yes, she was "runner-up" as so many supporters say - #5 of 7 candidates running for 4 positions - but to use excuses (definitely not logic) to bypass hearing from residents through the next 30 days when Council would then have to decide if to appoint 1 person or open to nominations is what really bothers me!  

IF Council had voted to make an appointment then the public has 1 month to offer suggestions on the way to go.  They didn't just avoid calling a by-election but also avoided hearing more from the voters of the City and the Region.

I publicly stated my personal views that a back-room deal had been reached prior and the job offer had been made.  Why else would a definite date be included in the motion and not a date - to be advised or as soon as the councillor-to-be could fill the position?  A date had to be verified and why a date without knowing the motion would carry?

We don't just have federal or provincial politicians circumventing due process but also local politicians who then use "the law" as the reason - it gives them the choice!  YES, it does but we have a dilemma in society with anything being legal and also if it is ethical.  

The ethics demand that a Region the size of Waterloo Region - 1 of the largest in Ontario - with an estimated $5Billion of expenditures during the next 3+ years, have a by-election and voted councilor to make those decisions and NOT someone appointed by Council who will then owe (didn't the vote go 15-0 when it appears that support for an appointment vs by-election was approximately 50/50?) other men and women around Council Table a favour.

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YES, I know most of you are American but..."our" political opinions are very similar in many areas and I am a very proud Canadian.  

If you wish to support this online petition of mine, I do appreciate it but I would welcome your circulating it to anyone you know who is Canadian, especially the "youth" who might be tuned into Google (yes, we have a very large local Google presence in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON) and Social Media since I am trying my best to motivate these individuals into rising up (makes me remember the anti-war years of when I was growing-up ;) ) against the anti-democratic establishment - those who want to erode our freedoms of expression and voting.

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How important is #democracy  2 u?  Can you believe that #WaterlooRegionalCouncil  is even contemplating removing the right of citizens 2 #vote  ?  YES, they're given the legal choice to "appoint" someone 2 replace the recently departed Councillor Wayne Wettlaufer with 3+ years remaining in a 4 year term of office.

Please support this petition & circulate among your friends & family 2 do the same!  This is Canada and not a 3rd world dictatorship.

We must send a message 2 our elected representatives at all levels of #government  in any democratic society that the people will NOT tolerate an erosion of our rights & freedoms.

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#democracy  I've spoken with people and what I'm hearing is that a vote is absolutely the democratic method we should be using.  

What are your views on this subject?

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#lifelessons  or maybe a #legal  lesson from someone young and, by definition, naive?  Let's hope that we all learn from this story my friend posted. +Grace Tang 
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