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Trent Hoover
Key words: Ecologist, Aquatic Science, Rock Climbing, Professor
Key words: Ecologist, Aquatic Science, Rock Climbing, Professor

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Spring Training in Frank Slide!
After a somewhat cold and wet late-winter season, the spring in Frank Slide has been amazing!  Despite my assessment that some areas of the Slide are getting tapped out, new problems (and old projects) continue to be sent every week. To kick the spring seas...

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Hueco Dreams (Part 2)
Compared to other climbing destinations, rest days in El Paso leave something to be desired.  The dusty highway that leads from Hueco Tanks into the city of El Paso is lined with semi-abandoned acreages, automobile wrecker yards, used car part shops, run-do...

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Hueco Dreams (Part 1)
When it comes to the story of how Trent went to Hueco Tanks to go bouldering, we'd best start at the beginning. Many years ago, I helped my friend Ryan Dorward and his brother Colin build a climbing wall in the basement of his mother's house near the Univer...

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Waterton Ice!
Last week I was bouldering in the Cave at the gym at the University, and was ruminating aloud on the likelihood of going ice climbing over the winter break, and whether or not I could find anyone to climb with.  Usually this type of monologue falls on deaf ...

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2016: The Year in Review!
Every year, I like to look back over my year, and reflect on the things that happened, the places I've climbed, the people I met, and the problems that I climbed.  Every year I am mildly surprised that I'm still climbing (I seem to be slowly falling apart),...

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Photo Special: The Channel of Idaho!
This fall, Kyle and I spent two days bouldering at The Channel (aka Black Magic Canyon) in central Idaho. The area is certainly unique; when you walk through the canyon you are essentially walking along a river bed that is submerged by several meters of wat...

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Frankin' Time!
The weather this fall has been absolutely amazing!  I doubt there are many bouldering areas in Canada - other than Frank Slide - where climbers are out climbing in November with sunny 16C weather.  The longer I climb in southern Alberta, the more I am convi...

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Days of Legend! (Part 3)
Idaho's City of Rocks looms large in America's climbing mythology.  Twenty-something years ago when I started climbing, the City's legendary status was on the wane, but stories of the granite spires rising architecturally from the rolling desert hills of so...

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Days of Legend! (Part 2)
As we headed back north into Idaho, we discussed the likelihood that we would be able to find The Channel.  I knew virtually nothing about the area other than it was (1) a seasonally drained river channel, and (2) was basalt.  Kyle knew somewhat more than t...

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Days of Legend! (Part 1)
Generally speaking, it is difficult to explicitly define the appeal of bouldering and rock climbing. Certainly, bouldering combines intellectual and physical challenge; the goal of ascending a rock face in the most efficient way possible appeals to many.  F...
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