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The GDG at the Hub of the universe - Boston/Cambridge
The GDG at the Hub of the universe - Boston/Cambridge

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Boston Saturday 9/19: Want to learn depth sensing, 3D mapping and motion detection by getting together and building apps either with Unity3D or OpenGL. Bring your laptop and app ideas and lets build 

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Starting today, contribute to the Google Translate challenge. The goal is to get 5 million new translations or words from now until June 6. Ready, set, GO!

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+Adriana Cerundolo​ kicking off GDG Summit at Computer History Museum. All GDG organizers worldwide in attendance!

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Here are my slides introducing the Android Code Jam

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DG Boston - Wear Hackthon Winners Announced - Thanks to our Sponsors - We had fun and exciting participation from the Boston/Cambridge developer community - Woohoo! What a great group.

We had 120 developers attend the hackathon last Friday night at Leaf to hear about the challenge and learn about the prizes.
Saturday 59 competitors produced code submissions for 17 projects. 

Thanks to our sponsors: Google, Leaf, Samsung, LG and Motorola for contributing to a great event.

So here's out winners:

1st Place: Peter Denham, John Doyle, Dermot Duncan
Project: Wearable app which translates gestures to control applications on a computer. For example, swiping the hand to switch to the next slide on a presentation.
Prizes: Samsung Galaxy Note 4's, Galaxy S Gear's, Galaxy Gear VR's

2nd Place: Ryan Pacifici,Joe Sullivan, Eric Lehner and  Krystyana Roman
Project:  Inspired by the Weasley's family clock from Harry Potter, this project will display a clock face, where each clock hand will represent a friend or family member, with locations (such as home, school, etc) along the edge of the watch.  Using GPS positioning, users will be able to see where their friends and family are on an easy to understand clock display.
Prizes: LG G3's and LG G Watch R's

3rd Place: Zhen Hang Jiang,David Wang
Project: Virtual surface viewing on watch, using tilt scrolling
Prizes: Moto 360's

Honorable mention: Jasmine Bhambra and Patricio Cornejo
Project: Wearable mbta app to find nearby t or bus stop and get directions. App also provides mbta alerts with arduino integration.
Prizes: Moto 360

It was a long trip to arrive at the hackathon that we started at the end of last summer. We had planned to hold a single code lab in September and a Hackathon in October. What we found out that it was early and the community needed more time to digest Android Wear so, we chose a different course to raise the Wear knowledge and awareness in the community. 

5 informal evening technical sessions - half hour of talks followed by bring you laptop and code with Wear sessions. In total we reached about 120 developers 

1 evening speaker session that reached 100 developers

1 Saturday Wear code lab that reached 60 developers

1 Friday and Saturday hackathon that reached 120 developers.

Total attendance at all the events totaled ~400 with ~150 uniques.
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Sunny Gleason from SunnyCloud speaking about using Polymer with AngularJS at GDG Boston's Polymer DevFest event

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Sam Dowd kicking off the Material Design code lab for Polymer

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First speaker Amruta Akut kicking things off
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