NASA working on Warp Drive

For two million or so years, humans walked around the Earth and occasionally rode animals. Sometime before the advent of civilization 10,000 years ago, boats began to get traction, so that we walked, rode, and boated from place to place. 

These three methods were the best we had to explore the world. They got better over time, of course. Boats eventually linked together India and Africa and the nations of the Mediterranean 2,000 years ago, and effectively stapled the Americas to Europe 500 years ago. Technological innovation was increasing exponentially. 

Humans achieved powered flight on Dec 17 1903, and then 65 years, 7 months and 3 days later humans walked on the their moon for the first time. That was it...the Lunar adventure was the furthest and the fastest that humans have traveled. However, NASA is working to change this. 

A team at NASA's Johnson Space center is working on a new method of propulsion that involves warp bubbles - yes, you read that correctly. Warp Bubbles. It may sound like a far-fetched idea, a Star Trek sort of thing, but if these NASA researchers are right, then all bets are off...Humanity could just enter a new phase of existence. 

Check out this link for further information:

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