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Elaine J. Roberts
Educator, bibliophile, traveler, occasional cyclist.
Educator, bibliophile, traveler, occasional cyclist.
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Post-Election Malaise and Emotional Schizophrenia
My goal had been to write every week. But then life
intervened as it so often does. Since January 20, I’ve found myself tottering
between absolute despair and cautious optimism. A sort of emotional
schizophrenia. Like many others, I find I cannot ignore the...

I'm working with a 4th grade teacher in Florence, SC who would like her class to do their first Mystery Hangout on Fri, Mar 2 in the morning. Thank you!

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It's kindness month, and there's an app for that
I’ve been trying to process this for a few days.   “Promoting kindness is an important part of the daily
curriculum in a classroom environment. Many would suggest that this is as
important as teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, yet 57

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The Importance of Imagination
Imagination. We think it’s something completely natural,
perhaps subconsciously. Maybe not. Some weeks ago I asked teachers to rate their students’
capability for imagination on a scale of 1 to 5. Most of the teachers said “2.”
When I asked more questions t...

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The Future of Us: We the People
China got a little miffed that Trump reached out to Taiwan. Russia is waiting for Trump. Israel's Netanyahu thinks the US has betrayed him. Pundits and political prognosticators are having a field day anticipating the good, the bad, and the unpredictable of...

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Makerspace + STEM/STEAM + PBL can mark important changes for employers
In a recent World Economic Forum article, the following question was explored: " Education vs. work skills: What do employers really want? " It's a good question and one that all educators need to be asking. I believe that universities hold a key to assist ...

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Holidays and Family: Sometimes It's Just Hard
My memories of Christmas as a kid are not great. My dad was an alcoholic. My mother was frustrated for that and other reasons. While I remember looking forward to Christmas, I also recall that moment of tension until it seemed to be all right. Dad hadn't ma...

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Making Makerspace
There are dozens of resources available to tell you about makerspace. How to create one, how to implement one, etc. Articles about libraries as the hub for a school's makerspace ; articles telling you what you need to set up and what kinds of projects you m...

Okay so anyone up for a Mystery Hangout with a group of 3rd graders at 1:30 ET?

Who might be available to do a Mystery Hangout with a group of 4th graders in SC between 10A and 11A ET on Tue, 11/29? Email me at
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