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Curt Geiger
Artist Representative at Wint+Kidd Associates | Digital Artist-Designer
Artist Representative at Wint+Kidd Associates | Digital Artist-Designer
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Stunning photography from +John G Moore 
The Black Rose CD Cover | Hipgnosis Edit
Model | +carra kelly 
Camera | Nikon D800 * 24-75VC lens
Lighting | SB710 and Halogen Torch (on face)
Location | Torridon, Scotland

I'd like to thank everyone involved in helping me carry this concept through from incept to completion. +Ricky Fleming and +Gabriel Lennox for assisting me so well during Production shots. +carra kelly for being great fun, a beautiful model and for filling the part of the Black Rose so magnificently. I'd also like to thank my former assistant, Kat Woods for helping me with the initial test shots, stills and video in Torridon a wee while back.

#monochromeworld   #monochromemonday   #monochromephotography   #hqspmonochrome   #bwphotography  +10000 Photographers BW 

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Beautiful landscape from +Chris Day 
One of the most perfect fields of poppies I've ever come across. This was taken at sunrise with the dawn sun coming through a light mist lower in the valley creating pink sunbeams.

Worth looking large.


Relatively new to G+. Artist Representative for Photographic agency. Hoping to see the work of up and coming talented professional photographers on G+ with views to building working relationships.
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