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Joy Harris
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Writer of Shoppers' Joy and Rural Joy blogs, copywriter and spouter of opinions.
Writer of Shoppers' Joy and Rural Joy blogs, copywriter and spouter of opinions.

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A Wild Week
Last week
was a great week for watching the wildlife in and around the garden at the
glorified shed. It all got
off to a great start on Monday evening when I spotted movement in the apple
tree. Nothing unusual about that, you may think, but there was someth...

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At least we have a front door if nothing else at the glorified shed! 

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Have You Herd?
Our newest
‘neighbours’ at the glorified shed are a herd of cows that have been moved onto
land across the river directly opposite us. We’d been seeing the cows for some
time from a slightly further distance, but their new grazing station is that
much close...

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A Year On
It’s hard
to believe that we’ve been living at the glorified shed for a whole year now.
How time flies – and how ‘normal’ this glamping existence has become! At least the view takes care of itself! Visitors
are sometimes surprised that we appear to have mad...

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Thinking of going to LIghtwater Valley Theme Park?

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Progress and Paint
This past
week has seen a flurry of activity at the ‘glorified shed’ accompanied by a
cloud of plaster dust and the reassuring smell of new paint. The
bathroom walls have been sanded, coating much of the ‘shed’ with a fine,
telltale dust that has required d...

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A Change Is As Good As A Rest!
A couple of
weeks ago we packed our bags, loaded up the car, dusted down the road map (I
still love maps and loathe Satnavs) and headed for the hills – or to be more
specific the Yorkshire Moors. It was good
to take a break from the slow process of renovati...

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My highs and lows of July

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My latest outrage!
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