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Laurel Fynes
Kindergarten teacher, bird lover, tree hugger, geek, goofball, and then some. Hawkins-inspired, Reggio-inspired, constructivist. Wabi sabi resonates.
Kindergarten teacher, bird lover, tree hugger, geek, goofball, and then some. Hawkins-inspired, Reggio-inspired, constructivist. Wabi sabi resonates.

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documentation - who is it for?
The sign that greeted visitors to the Artists at the Centre 15th (and final) Annual
Exhibit this spring. The transparent sign above is a beautiful visual metaphor for documentation: how we leave traces of
our thinking matters, we must take into account t...

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the seven (million) wonders of the world
A photo of one of the kids (my daughter or one of the cousins) from our week with family on Cook's Bay, the shallow southern end of Lake Simcoe quite near where I grew up. A mink family was nesting in the rocks just beside the dock, and we often found evide...

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We can see birds, part two
Some PM class friends watching starlings and robins hunting worms in the rain. Last week I described how the current bird inquiry began back in early spring when two boys came to school excited about some "red birds" that they'd seen before school. I think ...

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the marvel of marbles, part two
Playing with gravity: PM friends figure out how to raise the track. Last week I was preparing to say goodbye to a months-long inquiry
project as new interests took over more and more space in the room. I was prepared to pack it all up, but there was still ...

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wabi sabi
The softened bricks that once were buildings, then landfill used to create the land that became Colonel Sam Smith Park - they invite visitors to touch, sort, play. Their broken edges, rounded corners, and various colours and sizes make them challenging and ...

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it began with a bottle cap - a story of beautiful stuff
This past week was our March Break. It was a wonderful week, full of short trips with the kids and meet-ups with family and friends, such as the ever-luminous pop-up play exhibits hosted by dear friends Simone and Aviva of " ThinkinEd ". It also gave me tim...

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when looking closely reveals a bigger picture
Students in rubber boots may explore the otherwise "off limits" (to the big kids at recess) muddy puddle just outside of our yard. These three made many observations about the quality of the mud: sticky around the edges, splashy in the deepest section, sque...

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what a puddle taught us
  "When a curious child
and a knowledgeable teacher explore the phenomena of the real world,
genuine science begins." Frances Hawkins Water leads to wondering... wondering leads to engagement... engagement leads to learning. I love SS's story. It highligh...

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what learning doth a puddle offer?
 I met Nadine Osborne this summer at YRNC 's week-long " The Rhythm of Learning in Nature " course. In my role as one of the facilitators for the week, I was able to learn and explore together with a wonderful group of educators and parents, and alongside m...

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reflections on a stream
A pause in the rain revealed this beautiful reflection in a street corner puddle. The idea for this post, the image I've had in my mind for the last year or so, is one that I cannot see in whole just yet. I feel like I keep getting glimpses of a truth, or p...
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